Cameroon Pidgin Bible

by Rev. Dr. Ekoka A. Molindo


The Appostle Creed

I believe say God na we big big papa. Na He make heaven and this ground
I believe say na Jesus Christ na God He only pikin
Na God He Power been enter Mary he Belley before Mary born Jesus.
Jesus be suffer for Pontius Pilat he hand. Pontius Pilet be hang Jesus for cross, Jesus be die and them burry He.
For number three day Jesus be wake up for die
Jesus be go for Heaven. Now Jesus seat down for God he right hand.
Small time Jesus go come with power for Judge all people. He go judge the people way the day alive and the one them way them dong die.
I believe say God He power na Holy Spirit
I believe say Jesus been come for build he church for all place for this world
I believe say all good people way believe for God go meet for Heaven
I believe say God ready for excuse we bad
I believe say for the last day God go make we all way believe for wake up from die
And God go give all people way believe for he name life way no go ever finish for Heaven. Amen.