Cameroon Pidgin Bible

by Rev. Dr. Ekoka A. Molindo


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Chapter 21


Before God be want start for make this world, God He breeze been day. This God He breeze been day with God, and this breeze been be na God.
2 This God He breeze been day for the beginning with God.
3 Na this God He breeze been make all thing. If this breeze no been day, nothing way day today for ever be.
4 This breeze be get life; and this life been be na the lamp way the shine for inside all people.
5 This God He lamp be the shine for dark place; but the dark place no be fit for understand this lamp.
6 God be send some man way he name na John.
7 John been came for stand like witness for that God He lamp, for say all people way go hear he talk make them try believe.
8 No be John been be that lamp, God be only send John make he be like witness for that lamp.
9 Jesus be the true lamp way go make all people for this world for shine.
10 That lamp been day for this world, and na that lamp make this world but the people for this world no be know Jesus.
11 Jesus been came for salute He own people but He own people them deny He.
12 But any person way go like He, and any person way go believe for He name, Jesus go give that person power for make the perspn true pikin for God.
13 This one no go be like we own kind pikin them way we bom, but this one go be na God He own pikin self self.
14 This God He breeze turn person and he came stay with we ( We be see he power, the power way He get like God He only pikin) way get true and He heart get plenty sorry.
15 John be stand like witness for Jesus and he talk say, na the person this way I be tell owner say the man wey the came for my back He big pass me because say na him been be before me .
16 Na because of He way God sorry for we all.
17 Na Moses be give we law, but na Jesus Christ bring we true and God He sorry heart.
18 No person no day way dong ever see God, na only God he pikin Jesus, make say we fit know God.



19 Na this thing dis way John been tell the Jews and the Levites them way be came out from Jerusalem and them be ask he sayja^whohe be ?
20 John be tell them the true say he no be Jesus Christ.
21 Then them be ask he, again you be who? You be Elias ? . John be answer them
say, he no be Elias. Na you be that prophet ? He answer them again say, he no be that prophet.
22 Then them ask he again say for true true you be who? Tell we because we want get answer for give the people way send we. Na which thing way we go tell them say you be ? 23,24 John tell them say, he na the voice way the cry for inside bush, make owner fix God he road fine, as the prophet Isaiah be tell owner. And na pharisee people be send them.
25 Then them ask he again say if you no be that we big papa way God get for send'am for we, and you no be Elias, or Moses, why you the baptize people ?
26 John he answer them talk say, me I the baptize owner na only with water, but some man day for we middle here way owner no know;
27 Na me I be he big brother but he big pass me. I no even reach person way fit tie the rope for he shoes.
28 He be do all this thing them for place way them the call say Bethabara for the other side for Jordan water way John be the baptize people.



29 For the other day John be see Jesus the came for he before, John be shout he talk say. For true true owner came see the pildn for God way go move all bad them for people for this ground.
30 Na the person this way me I be talk say he better pass me and na He big pass me
31 I no be know say na He go came for show himself for people for Israel, na the thing make I be the baptize with water.
32 John be talk the thing way he see'am say, " Me I be see God He spirit way come down from heaven like dove, and the spirit stand for He head.
33 Me sef sef I no be know say na He, but God weh be send me for baptize with water, be tell me say, any person way the spirit fall stand for He head, na He way go baptize people with Holy spirit.
34 Me I see how the Holy Spirit come stand for this man He head, na the thing make me I know say na Him be God he pildn.



35 When that day been pass, as John the Baptist be the talk with he two disciple, one time
36 them see Jesus. John look Jesus fine fine, then he talk say, for true true, na this one be the pikin for God. When John he two follow back them be hear the thing way John he talk, them turn start follow Jesus.
38 Jesus want turn back He see this John he two follow back them the follow He. Jesus ask them say na which thing owner the want ? The two follow back for John them answer
Papa, we want follow you for place way you the stay.
39 Jesus talk for them say, owner came
see my place. Them be stay with Jesus from four o'clock for evening till night begin the came.
40 ( This two follow back for John one he name been be na Andrew, Simon Peter he brother.)
41 Quick, quick, Andrew go tell he brother Peter say " came we dong see that God he pickin.
42 Andrew be take he brother make he meet up Jesus. When Jesus see Peter He talk for he say, " You be Simon pikin for John, but I go give you new name. Your new name na Peter way he mean say "Stone".



43 After that day been pass, Jesus begin go for Galilee. Time way He reach for the country way them the call say Galilee, He meet Philip. He talk for Philip say " follow me"
44 (Philip been be na man way them born'am for Bethsaida, the same country for Peter and he brother Andrew).
45 Philip he too go tell Nathaneal say " Came see that God He pikin way He send for we. This na the person way Moses and the other Prophet be tell we say go came. He name na Jesus, pikin for Joseph way he country na Nazareth !"
46 " Nazareth ! that kind small country ? " Some better thing fit come-out from Nazareth? Philip talk for he say, My brother'! you self- self came see that wounderful thing.
47 As the begin came near Jesus, one time Jesus talk say, " Nathanael, you be for true, true, pikin for Israel way no the hide he heart".
48 Nathanael ask Jesus say, " how you manage know me ?" Jesus talk for he say, " Before Nathaneal be meet-up you for under that big big tree, I be dong see you long, long time."
49 Nathaneal talk say, " Papa, for true, true na you be that God he pikin and king for Israel!"
50 Jesus talk for he say, " You call me say I be God He pikin because I tell you say I be see you for under that big big tree before even Philip be came call you ? You go see wounder. I go do thing them way go wander you pass this one. You go even see how I go broke heaven, and God He angel them go come-out plenty, plenty came salute me because say na me I be God He pikin