Cameroon Pidgin Bible

by Rev. Dr. Ekoka A. Molindo


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Chapter 21


1,2 For time way sun been dong go down, some big man for Church way he name na
Nicodemus, he been be na Pharisee, he been came for talk with Jesus. Nicodemus ask Jesus say,
"Papa" we all know say na you be pildn for God, way God send'am for teach we. Your big big
wonder way you the do'am show we say, for true true you be God He pikin".
3 Jesus talk for Nicodemus say, "For true true, if them no bom you again, you no fit enter foi
God He place".
4. Nicodemus ask Jesus say^how you go talk say them get for bom me again. You think say
old man like me go fit enter again for my mammy he belley then them bom me number
two time ?
5 Jesus talk for Nicodemus say " For true true if them no bom you with water and spirit you no go fit enter for God He place.
6 The first bom na bom for skin but the number two bom, na bom for spirit way na God the
give we new life.
7,8 Make he no wonder for your heart as I talk for you say, them get for bom you again.
Sometime you the hear breeze the pass but you no know for which side the breeze come-out or
for whic side the breeze the go, na the same thing with the spirit. We no fit know for which
person way the spirit want enter he life.
9 Nicodemus talk for Jesus say me I no fit understand all this kind thing you the talk.
10, 11 Jesus talk for Nicodemus say, " You Nicodemus be big big teacher for palava for
God, why you talk say you no know this small thing way I the tell you. Make I tell you the
true, the thing way I the tell you na thing them way I dong see'am and na thing them way Me
I know fine, fine, but people them no want for believe me.
12 If owner no believe me now way I the talk for owner na thing them for this ground, how owner go manage believe me if I start talk for owner the thing them for God He Place.
13 No person no day way he go go back for heaven, na me be the only person weh come out from heaven and I go go back for heaven. |
14 As way Moses be carry that snake way the shine he put'am for up stick, na so them | go hang me too for up stick. ,
15 For say any person, way believe for my name go get life way no go finish. |
16 God He like this gound plenty na the thing make way He send He only pikin for say any" person way believe for He name no go die but he go get life way no go ever finish. |
17 God no be send He pikin for this ground make He came for suffer we. God be send He| pikin make He came help we.
18 Person way believe for God He pikin, go see better, but person way no believe for the pikin
for God, no go see better because he deny for belief for the pildn for God.
19 This people them way no believe for God He pikin, no go see better because say, God send we lamp for shine but people them like na dark because say them the member only for do bad thing and for cover'am.
20 Plenty bad people them no like day time because say other people them go see their bad work and them go shame.
21 But person way the do good thing no the fear lamp, because he heart clean and he the do na thing way God He like'am.



22 When some time been pass Jesus and He disciple them be go for Judea, na there way He be Baptize people them.
23, 24 For this time John no been dong go for prison, John been the baptize for Aenon that country way near Salim because say plenty water been be day.
25 Some Jew people been start talk for John say, Jesus He baptism the clean person pass John he baptism.
26 John he follow back them came talk for John say, " Master, that man way we been see'am time way we cross that big water for Jordan- that person way you talk say na him be God He pikin- we dong see he the baptize people them and all people them the go na for He no man no the came for we again".
27 John he answer them talk say, " na God the give any man work for do.
28 My own work na for fix road for God He pikin and for tell people for follw He. Owner all be hear time way I talk say no be me I be that God He pikin. Me I came that all for fix He road.
29 Woman way just married the find only the place way he massa day. Me I be that all friend for he massa. Glad full up my heart as I the see my firend the glad.
30 I want say make He grow turn big big man but make me I remain small.



31 This pikin for God came from heaven, He big pass we all. Me I be the same like owner, ground cargo, I know only things them for this ground.
32 This God He pikin, the talk na the thing way He hear and see'am for heaven, but no person want for believe He.
33 People way them believe the thing way God he pikin talk, them know say God no the talk lie.
34 Na God self-self send this He Pikin, and this He pikin the talk na thing way God tell He for talk. We get for know say God He spirit day inside this He pikin plenty plenty.
35 God He like this He pildn, na the thing make He make He put all thing for He hand.
36 Any person way believe for this God He pikin go get life way no go finish, but person way no belief for this God He pikin, no go see heaven and God he punishment go be for he head.