Cameroon Pidgin Bible

by Rev. Dr. Ekoka A. Molindo


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Chapter 21


After all this thing them dong pass, the people them go for them house, but Jesus go prayer for up mount Olive.
2 For sharp morning, way man fowl never even crow, Jesus go back for that temple. Jesus start for teach the people them again.
3 Small time Jesus see that big teacher for Jew and Pharisee, them bring some woman way them catch with another woman he massa. Them put the woman for their middle.
4 The Jew people them ask Jesus say " Teacher, we catch this woman the sleep with another woman he massa.
5 Moses for inside he law been talk say if this kind thing happen, make we kill the woman one time. And plenty stone day for this place way we fit use'am . Teacher make we loll this woman ?
6 This question been be like trap for catch Jesus. Them be want hear the thing way Jesus go talk then, them go go tell soldier for came catch Jesus. Jesus make like say He no hear the question. Jesus bend down begin the write something for ground with He finger. The people them so, so the ask he question," Tea<dier make we kiU this woman or make we leave he,make she go ? 7 Jesus he stand for up look the people tern then he talk say, " If owner wat for kill this woman make owner kill'am. But I want say make the man way he know say he never do this kind bad thing, make he throw the first stone for this woman."
8 Time way Jesus finish for talk, he bend down again and begin for write for ground.
9 Time way them understand the thmg^way Jesus He talk, them beging for run, come-out for that place, one by one. Na the old people then been be the number one for run. Time way Jesus stand for up na only the woman been remain.
10 Jesus ask the woman say " Na for which side way all this people them dong go, them no km you?"
11 The woman talk say, " Papa, all them dong run, no one even throw stone for
me. Jesus talk for the woman say, " Mammy go back for your house. But no do bad again."



12 Jesus talk again for the people them say, " Na me I be the lamp for this world . Person way he follow me no go waka for dark again, but the person go get life for he inside way go shine for all time.
13 The Pharisee them talk for Jesus say, " All the thing them way you the talk na lie.
14 Jesus talk for them say, " All the thing way I the talk for owner na true and I know the place way I came and I know place way I the go, no one for here know me .
15 -"This-na owner dme for judge me, small time na me I go judge owner.
V^ ^^^^-^\.^:<Si^^^,^^,^^^^^^^ orrcr^ojiaage owner, na me ano'myf'apa go judge owner.
17 No be owner law talk say if two people agree something happen, then that thing happen for true, true.
18 Now thing way I talk, my Papa the support me.
19 The Jew them talk say, " Na who be your Papa." Jesus talk say " Owner no know me and owner no even know my Papa. If owner be know me owner for know my papa too.
20 Jesus talk all this talk and he stand for the place for church way them the keep money. And no person even try for catch him.



21 Jesus talk for them again say. Small time I no go be here again, owner go look for me and owner no go find me. And owner no fit came for place way I day. Owner bad heart go kill owner.
22 The Jew them beging the wonder, this man want for kill himself, why he talk say " Place way I the go no man fit cane day."
23 Jesus talk for them say " Me I came from heaven, owner came from this ground . This world na owner country, but me I be stranger for this world. ,j
24 Na the tmnfi way mate me for talic say- ** If owner no chance, owner aa 'die. for '
owner bad; because say person way no belief say na me I be the pikin for God go die and he
no go go for heaven.
Ihfim^aks* Jesus sav^^eD welor true. irue.^wno you'^e^esro'^aHnfe'nTue JhejaldnJor.QEid-
26 Me I no want for condemn owner, I want na for teach owner. Since I came here, I the teach owner na only the thing way God tell me for tell owner. And all God He talk na true.
27 The people them stand the look Jesus but them no understand the thing way He talk for them.
28 Jesu talk for them say, " Small time owner go kill me, na for that time owner go know say na God He pikin way owner kilTam. And owner go know say, all the thing way I me tell owner na thing way God send me for tell owner.
29 God way He send me, day with me all time . And I the do na only the thing way go make He glad.
30 Plenty people them way them hear Jesus He talk them belief He talk.



31 Jesus talk for the Jew them way them belief for He say, lt Person way believe the thing way I the talk na that person be my disciple for true, true.
32 And owner go know the true thing and the true go maake owner free."
33 The people them talk for Jesus say, " We all be pikin them for Abraham, we never be
ninga for^yj^person, why you talk say, the true go^make we free ?
34 Jesus talk for them say, " Any person way do bad thing, na ninga for Satan.
35 Owner know say, ninga no fit be chop chair. Na only,pikin for chief fit be chop chair.
36 If God He pikin make you free, you go free for true,~triftr"——
37 Me I know say owner be pikin them for Abraham for true, true, but owner want for kill me, because say owner no like the thing them way I the talk.
38 The thing them way I the tell owner na the thing way I see time way I day with my Papa for heaven, but owner the do na thing way owner Papa tell owner for do.



39 The people them talk for Jesus say, " We be Abraham he pikin them." Jesus talk for them say, " If for true, true owner been be na Abraham he pikin them, owner for the do the thing them way Abraham he self, self been do.
40 Now all people them want for kill because say I tell owner the thing way God send me for came talk. As owner be Abraham he pikin them, na the thing this way owner Papa Abraham tell owner for do ?
41 I tell owner true, owner the follow the foot for owner Papa, - Satan. The people them talk say, " We no be like pikin them way them no get papa, na God Him self, self be we Papa."
42 Jesus talk for them say, " If for true, true God been be owner Papa , owner all for like me because say, na God send me for came here for talk for owner."
43 Why he be say owner no fit for understand the thing way I the talk. If fit be say Satan dong block owner heart.
44 Owner true papa na Satan , he work na for kill people them, na the thing make owner want for kill me, because owner the follow the work way Satan tell owner. From the beginning Satan been be na man way the kill people. Satan no know for talk true. He be lie, lie man. And na him be papa for all lie people.
45 Now I the tell owner true talk but no person want for believe me.
46 Na which person here fit talk say I be bad man? If na ture way I the tell owner, why owner no fit believe me.
47 Person way get God for he heart, go like for hear God He talk. Owner no like for hear God He talk because say, Satan day inside owner heart them.
48 The Jew them talk say, " Jesus no be Jew, He be Samaritan and He get witch for He heart." -—^
49 Jesus talk for them say, me I no get witch , I the do na God He work, but owner no believe me.
50 Me I no like for talk about myself, but God way be judge, want me for talk the thing way I came for do.
51 Me I the tell owner for true, true say, person way do the thing them way I the talk, no go ever die.
52 The Jew them talk say, now we know for true, true say you be devil. Even we papa Abraham and the other prophet them all dong die, how you go talk say, " Person way do the thing way I talk no go ever die.
53 " You big pass we papa Abraham and the other prophet them way dong die ? "
54 Jesus talk for them say, " This God way owner call say na owner God, na He say make I owner say na me I beTHe pikin.
55 Me I know God, but owner no know God. If me I talk say I no know God, then I go the talk lie, like owner all for here. But me I know God and I the do na only the thing way He tell me for do.
56 Even owner papa Abraham be want for see me and he been glad plenty time way he see me." -
57 The Jew them talk for Jesus say, " Look you this small pikin you never even reach fifty years, how you go manage talk say you see we pap Abraham ? "
58 Jesus talk for them say, " For tell owner true, before them be want bom Abraham I day.
59 Time way the Jew them hear this one, them vex plenty and them take stone for kill Jesus, but Jesus lose for their eye.