Cameroon Pidgin Bible

by Rev. Dr. Ekoka A. Molindo


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Chapter 21


After, Jesus be cross that big water way some people them the call'am say Sea of Galilee and ^ other people them the call'am say Sea of Tiberias.
2 Plenty people them begin the follow he, because say he be the make sick people them well.
3 Jesus and he disciple them be climb some big, big hill and them seat down for rest.
4 One time Jesus see plenty people them the follow he, even the people them way them came for chop that big day for Jews way them the call'am say passover.
5 As Jesus see all that plenty people, Jesus ask Philip say na for which side way we go buy chop for give all this people them .
6 Jesus be know thing way He go do but He be the try for see thing way philip go do.
7 Philip talk for Jesus say even if we kill six cow, he no go correct for all this people them.
8 But Andrew Simon Peter he brother, and he too been be Jesus he disciple came tell Jesus say,
9 Papa, na some small pikin this way he get five small bread and two small fish, but even this small pikin no go belly full this chop.
10 Jesus talk say " Tell the people them make them seat down for grass. Plenty grass been be for that place. And the people them be plenty pass five thousand.
11 Jesus take the bread, he look up thank God then he broke the bread and give'am for the people them. Jesus do the same thing for the two small fish. Came see, all the people them chop and all them belly-full.
12 Time way the people them finish chop Jesus tell he disciples them make them pick chop way the people them throw for ground, make we no spoil chop.
13 As the disciples them start for pick the half, half bread way the people them throw way them see say the bread full up twelve big basket.
14 When all the people them see this wonder, them talk say, " For true true na this one be the messanger way God send'am for we".
15 Time way Jesus see say the people them want came make he chief by force, Jesus run hide for place way no person fit see he.



16 For evening time Jesus he disciple them been go for corner sea.
17 The disciple them enter inside cannoe for cross the sea, because say them be want go for Capernaum. Night been dong reach, and Jesus been still be for on top that hill with the people them.
18 Small the sea start for rough. Breeze begin blow strong, strong.
19 Jesus he disciple the paddle the cannoe quick quick for cross the" sea. As them reachrfoi midle sea, one time, one time, them see Jesus the waka on top water the came for them. Fear been pass Jesus he disciples them.
20,21 Jesus talk for them say, " Na me, make owner no fear." As the disciple them been want for try make place way Jesus go seat down for inside cannoe, one time, one time, the cannoe reach for the place way them be the go.



22 The next day, all the people them came for see Jesus because them still think say Jesus no follow he disciple for cross the water. Because say them no see time way he enter with them inside cannoe.
23 Small time plenty people come from Tiberias begin the find Jesus for place way he give chop for that five thousand people them.
24 When the people them no see Jesus and he disciple, them too enter them cannoe for go for Capernaum for find Jesus.
25 When them see Jesus for the other side for the sea, them ask Jesus say "Teacher" how you manage cross the sea ?"
26 Jesus talk for them say, " For true, true, me I the tell owner say, owner the
look me no be because say owner see God He wonder, na because say I give owner plenty
27 Make owner no hungry for chop way when owner chop, owner go start hungry again. Make owner hungry na for chop way when you chop you no go ever hungry again. Na this chop way me I bring'am for came give owner. Na for saker this thing way God send me for owner.
28 The people them ask Jesus say, na which thing we go do for do God he work.
29 Jesus talk for them say, Person way want for do God he work get for belief me because say na God send me.
30 The people them talk for Jesus say, show we another wander, before we go believe say na God he send you.
31 God he book talk say we grand, grand, grand papa them be chop Manna way God be send'am for them from heaven. So if you give we bread all time we go know say for true, true na God he send you for we.
32 Jesus talk for the say, no be Moses be give owner bread for heaven, na my Papa be give owner bread from heaven.
33 The correct bread for God dong came now for give give life all people for the world.
34 The people them talk for Jesus say, give we this bread way he come-out from heaven.
35 Jesus talk for them say, " Na me I be that bread way the give life person way came for me no go ever hungry again and person way believe the thing way I the talk no go ever hungry water again.
36 One thing be say I dong tell owner plenty time and noe owner dong see'am but owner still no want for belief for me.
37,38 All thing them way my Papa give me na my own, and any person way come for me I no fit ever send that person back. Because say My Papa send me make I came for this ground no be for do the thing way I like, but for do the thing way God he send me for do.
39 Na the thing this way my Papa send me for do, " My Papa say, make I no ever lose even one person way he give me. And say for the last day all people way belief for me go wake up for die.
40 Again na this be the thing way my Papa want make I do, My Papa want say all people them way the see me and believe the thing way I the talk, go get life way no go ever finish, and for the last day, them all go wake up for die.
41 Jew people them start for vex with Jesus because he talk say he be the bread way God send'am for ground.
42 The peole them begin talk say, " Na which thing way this Jesus want for show so. No be he papa na Joseph and he mammy na Mary ? How he go begin talk now say na he way God send'am from heaven.
43 Jesus talk for them say, make owner no the call my name for back, back.
44 No person no fit came for me way my Papa no day for inside he heart.
45 God He book self, self, talk say " Me God self, self I go teach all people." Any person way he hear God he voice inside he go follow me.
46 No person no day way he dong ever see God, na only me I dong see God.
47 Me I tell owner the true, all people them way them belief the thing way I talk go get life way no go ever finish.
48 Na me I be the true bread way the give life.
49 Owner papa them been chop Manna for bush and them be die.
50 Me I be the bread way God send for owner say make owner no die again.
51 Na me I be the bread way he get life way come-out from heaven. Person way chop this bread no go ever die. Na my body be that bread way comeout from heaven for bless all people them for this ground.
52 Jew them begin wonder. Them talk for them say, how this man talk say if we chop he body, we go get life way no go ever finish ?
53 Jesus talk for them again say, unless owner chop my body, and drink my blood, owner go be like die people. < 54,55 People them way the go chop me body, and drink my blood, them go get life way no go ever finish. And for the last day, them go wake up for die . Because say my body na true chop and my blood na true water.
56 People way them chop my body and drink them go be with me and me I go be with them.
57 My Papa way get life na Him send me . And me I get life because My Papa get life. Person way he chop my body go get life.
58 Na me I be the true bread way God send'am for owner. This one no day like the bread way owner papa them be chop for bush and them be die. But person way chop this bread no go ever die.
59 This one na the preaching way Jesus been give'am inside church for Capernaum.



60 Time way Jesus he disciple them hear this Jesus he preaching, them talk say, " This Master he talk hard plenty for understand, Who fit tell we the thing way Master talk ?"
61 Jesus see say this talk strong pass he disciple them. Jesus talk for themSay " This my talk
the vex owner too ?"
62 Na which thing owner go do if owner see me as I the go for place way I been be with my Papa ?
63 " Na God he spirit the give life, this we body no get life. This talk way I talk for owner get spirit and them get life too.
64 Me I know say plenty people them day here way them no believe me" . Jesus been know long time the people them way them go belief, and the one them way them go kill he.
65 Jesus talk for them again say, " Na because of this way I tell owner say no person no fit came for me unless my Papa he spirit day inside he.
66 The time way some people them hear this Jesus he talk them no follow Jesus again. 67,78 Jesus turn look he twelve disciple them, He ask them say " Owner too want for run leave me ? " Peter turn and he answer Jesus say " Papa, for which side you think say we fit go, na only you get the talk way the give life way no the finish.
69 We know for true, true say na you be the true pikin for God."
70 Jesus talk for he disciple: them say, " Na me I call all owner twelve disciple, but one day for owner middle way na Satan"
71 Jesus be the talk so na for Judas Iscariot way been be Jesus he disciple, but he turn back for kill he master.