Cameroon Pidgin Bible

by Rev. Dr. Ekoka A. Molindo


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Chapter 21


1 That time been reach way Jew people them be get them big day for Church and Jesus been go for Jerusalem for enjoy big day.
2 For inside Jerusalem near some gate way them the call say sheep gate, some small water bees he sSsy way the- the call say Sethesda, waybegef Sve docsr.
3 For comer that water, came see me plenty sick people them - people them way them no the waker, people way them one side skin dong die, people them way no the see road all kind sick people them been be day. ^ All them be the wait the day way the angel go came shake the water.)
4 Because say God He Angel be the came shake that water and the first person way he enter that water way that Angel shake'am all the person he sick go finish one time.
5 For comer that water some sick man be dong be day for 38 year.
6 One time way Jesus see he Jesus know say that man dong be day long for long time. Jesus ask the man say, waity you want say make I do for you ?
7 The sick man talk for Jesus say. Papa ! me I no get person way go carry me put me inside the water for time way the Angel shake the water. When I see the Angel came shake the water, before I go try push myself for go near the water, some other person go carry he own brother put he inside the water.
8 Jesus talk for the sick man say " Stand up, carry your mat, go back for your house.
9 One time, one time all the man he sick finish . The man carry he mat he begin go for he house, and that day been be na day way people them the go for church.
10 That big big Church people them for Jew them vex say the man the cary he mat for Sabbath day. That big Church people them talk for the man say, " you no know say he no correct for carry something for Sabbath day, and you the carry your mat the waka all place ?
11 The man answer them say, " Na the person way he make me I well, na he tell me sat make I carry my mat go back for my house".
12 Na who be that person way no know say them no the work for Sabbath day ? Na so the people them ask that man.
13 The man no be know say na Jesus, and that plenty people them be dong cover Jesus.
14 Small time Jesus see the man inside Church house, Jesus talk for the man say, " See now your skin dong strong, no do bad again. If you still the do bad, some bad sick way he pass the first one go catch you. "
15 The man go tell that big Church people them say na Jesus been make he well, and na Jesus be tell he make he carry he mat go back for he house.
16 That big Church people them beging give Jesus trouble because say Jesus the work for Sabbath day.
17 Jesus talk for the people say, " My Papa the still help people them , Me too I go work the
work way my Papa the work.
18 Time way the big people for Church hear the thing way Jesus He talk .them vex
pass mark, them begin the find way for kill Jesus. Them talk say, Jesus dong broke law for
Sabbath and Jesus talk say God na He papa, way he be say Jesus want for make himself for turn



19,20 Jesus talk for them say " Me the pikin for God, I no fit do nothing I the do na the
thing way I see my Papa the do'am. Because say God like He pikin and God dong tell He pikin
all thing way He the do ; Me the pikin for God, I go do plenty wonderful thing way pass the
this one way I do for make this man for well.
21 Me Jesus I fit even make die man for wake up for die, the same like my Papa.
22,23 God He give me power for even judge bad people. That one go make people them go
respect me as them the respect my Papa. But if owner no respect God He pikin way He send'am
for owner, then na God He self- self way owner no respect'am.
24 Me, I the tell owner for true, true, say any person way hear the thing way I the talk and he belief for God way He send me go get life way no go finish. No person no fit punish he for the bad way he dong do. This one be say even if this person die, God go make he for live again.
25 For true true I the tell owner say, time go came , even self the time dong reach way all die people them way go hear the voice for God he pikin, them all go wake up for die.
26 As way God get life na so way God give he pikin too say make he too get life.
27 God give he pikin power for punish bad people, because say na he be God he pikin.
28 Make owner no wonder as I tell owner say the time the came reach way all die people them way hear the voice for God He pikin, go wake up for die.
29 The people them way be do good thing for this ground them go enjoy life way no go finish, but bad people way them die. God go punish them.



30 Me Jesus I the do na only the thing way my papa tell me. If I judge person , the judgement go be na fine judgement, because say I no the judge for myself, na as my Papa talk na so I the judge.
31 If me I tell owner thing them way I want do, owner no go belief me.
32/33 Na another person - yes John the Baptist he dong tell owner all the thing them way I
want for do, and the thing them way John the Baptist tell owner for saker me na true.
34 Na true say John the Baptist dong tell owner my story, no be me I tell John the Baptist for talk, but person way he hear John he talk and he believe, go see better.
35 John the Baptist be shine like lamp and all people them be glad because say he the show owner correct road .
36 But me I get some lamp way shine pass John the Baptist, and that lamp na the work way my papa send me for do . All this wonder way I the do, the show say na God He send me.
37 God he self self dong tell owner about me . God no talk for owner for owne before like
person and owner no even hear he voice . y
38 And no person no keep God he talk for he heart because say owner no believe for the person way He send'am for owner.
39 " Owner the look inside God he book because say owner think say na that book go give owner long life. If owner look fine fine owner go see say all that God he book the talk only about me.
40 But owner the deny for came hear my talk way go give owner life way no go ever finish.
41 Me I no like say make people them the call my name.
42 Because I know say owner no get God he love inside owner.
43 Na God He self self send me for owner but owner no like me , but if another man way no be God send'am come for owner, all people them go follow he.
44 Owner heart them no fit belief because say owner like for hear fine talk from other people them, but the fine talk way God he pikin the tell owner, no man want for hear that one.
45 Make owner no think say na me I go make owner fall case for God he before. The thing way he go make owner falttase for God he before na the law way Moses give owner. All owner been the think say if man follow all Moses he law na that one go free you. No be so . If owner like been moses he talk, owner go like my talk too. Because say Moses he talk na about me. If owner no belief the thing way Moses write'am how owner go manage belief the thing them way I the tell owner ?"