Cameroon Pidgin Bible

by Rev. Dr. Ekoka A. Molindo


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Chapter 21


Time way Jesus finish prayer, He and he disciple them cross the Kidron valley, them reach for some quiet farm, then them seat-down.
2 Judas too been know this place, because say na for
day way Jesus and He disciple them be the go for rest all dme.
3 The place been dong begin for dark. One time, them see Judas the came with plenty soldier, and police people way the Pharisee them send for catch Jesus. Them carry lamp, and stick and cutlass, for came catch Jesus.
4 Time way Jesus see them, Jesus know one time say na He them came for catch. Jesus came ask them say, " Na who way owner came for catch here ? "
5 The people them talk say, " We came for catch Jesus of Nazareth, He day for here ? " Jesus talk for them say, " Na me this." Judas way been sell Jesus be day with the soldier them.
6 Time way Jesus talk for them say, " Na me this" all the soldier them way came for catch Jesus them fall for ground.
7 Jesus ask the again say, " Na who way owner came for catch ? " The people them answer say, " We came for catch Jesus of Nazareth." Jesus talk for them say, " No be I dong tell owner say, Na me this ? "
8 Jesus talk for them say, as way owner came na for catch me, make owner leave make this my disciple them make them go house.
9 This one na for make say, the thing way Jesus talk make he be true, Jesus been talk say, " Papa, all the disciple them way you give me, I no lose no one."
10 Simon Peter see all thing way the pass, and he vex. He take cutlass, cut some soldier he right ear. The soldier he name na Malchus.
11 Jesus talk for Peter say, " Peter, put your knife back for he pocket. You no want say, make I do the work way my Papa send me for do ?"
12 Na that time the soldier them catch Jesus, then the tie He hand them.
13 Them take Jesus first for go see Annas, way been many, pikin for Caiaphas. Na Caiaphas been be the moderator for church for that year.
14 Na Caiaphas been tell the people them say, " He fine make one person die, for help all people."



15 Simon Peter and another disciple way know the high Priest start for follow Jesus for back. Time way them reach for Annas he house, na only that other disciple way know Annas enter
with them.
16 Them be lock the gate and Peter stand for outside. The other disciple way been enter, beg the woman themlway them lock the gate for open the gate for Peter.
17 The woman them ask Peter say, " Na true say , you too be Jesus He disciple ? Peter talk for them say, " I no know this man."
18 Place be cold, so the police and the other people them, make some big fire for warm themself. Peter go near the fire for warm himself.



19 Time way them bring Jesus for see High Priest, the High Priest ask Jesus," Na who them be this your disciple them and tell me the thing way you the teach them ? "
20 Jesus answer he say, " I no the teach anything way na secret. I preach plenty time for inside owner church, and Plenty Jew them hear my talk.
21 Why owner the ask me all this question ? If you want for know the thing way I the teach my disciple them, ask your friend them way them stand for here.
22 As Jesus be the talk with High Priest, some police man slap Jesus for face. The police man talk say, " You no get respect ? Na so you the talk for High Priest ?
23 Jesus talk for the police man say, " Tell me the bad thing way I talk for High Priest ? But if the thing way I talk na true, why you slap me ?
24 Annas, tell the soldier make them tie, Jesus and take He go for Caiaphas, the big High Priest.



25 As Peter be the try for warm himself for comer fire, that woman them ask he again say, " talk true, you be Jesus He disciple, no be so ?" Peter answer them say, " Owner see me trouble, me I no know this man."
26 Now, brother for the man way Peter been cut ear asked peter, " No be you way I see with Jesus for that farm, and no be na you be cut my brother he ear ?
27 Peter talk say, " Me I dong tell owner say, I no know Jesus, why owner the worry me ?" One time Peter hear as the man fawl crow.



28 Na for sharp morning time way them be take Jesus from Caiaphas he house for go see Pilate. Pilate, na him been be the governor way Rome been send for that time. Time way the people them reach for Pilate he house with Jesus, them no enter, because the time for passover been dong near, and them no be want for broke law for Passover.
29 Pilate stand for he front house ask them say, " Owner tell me the kind bad way this man do?"
30 The people them talk say, " If this man no be bad man, why we bring he for you ? "
31 Pilate talk for them say, " If this man na bad man as owner talk, make owner go judge he." The people them talk say, " We want say make you give we order for kill he. We no get
power for pass judgement say make he die.^iWanhe'lhmg make we bring he for-yBu1""
32 Jesus be know , and he be tell people the kind die way he go die.
33 Pilate, call Jesus, and he ask Jesus say, " Tell me for true, na you be king for Jew people ?
34 Jesus answer Pilate say, " Na people them tell you say, I be king or na you self,self know say I be king ? "
35 Pilate talk for Jesus say, " Me, I be man for Rome, na your own Jew people and Chief Priest bring you for see me. Na which thing you do them ? "
36 Jesus answer Pilate say, " Me, I nobe king for this ground, if I been be king for this ground, my disciple them for fight, time way them see soldier came for catch me. Me I be king for heaven.
37 Pilate ask Jesus say, " That one mean say, you be King, no be so ?" Jesus talk for he say, " Yes, I be king, I came for this world for tell people them true. All people way do the thing way I talk, them be my disciple." 38 Pilate ask Jesus say, " Na which thing be true ? "



Pilate, go meet the people them out side. Pilate talk for them say, " This man no be bad man.
39 Owner know say, every year when time for Passover reach, I the free one man from prison. Owner want make I free owner King ?"
40 The people them shout for up, up say, " No free this man, we want make you free na Barabbas." All man been know say, Barabbas been be na some bad tif man. "