Cameroon Pidgin Bible

by Rev. Dr. Ekoka A. Molindo


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Chapter 21


For sharp morning-time for Sunday, Mary Magdalene came for place way them bury Jesus. mary Magdalene see say, some person dong move the big stone way been cover the bury-ground.
2 Mary came tell Simon Peter and me John the thing way she see. Mary tell we say, " Some people them don tif we Papa He die body, and I no know the place way them put He."
3 Peter and John run for go see if the thing way mary talk na true.
4 But John reach for the bury-ground first.
5 John bend down, for look fine, fine. John see say, the cloth way them be tie Jesus be still be for the same place. John still stand outside he no enter inside.
6 Time way Simon Peter reach the the place, he enter one time. Peter see how the cloth way them be wrap Jesus still day for one place.
7 Even the cloth way them be take cover Jesus He head been day for different place.
8 John too enter follow Peter, and he see say Jesus no day inside and he believe. 9 For that time them no be understand the thing way God he book been talk say Jesus must wake-up from die.
10 The disciple them go back for them house .



11 Mary Magdalene remain for bury-ground and she begin the cry. Mary try again for look inside the place way them be bury Jesus.
12 One time Mary see two angel way them wear white cloth. One seat-down for place way Jesus He head been be and the other one seat-down for place way Jesus He foot been day.
13 The Angel them ask Mary say, " Why you the cry ?" Mary answer them say, " Owner no see say some people them dong came tif my Papa He die-body, and I no even know the place way them put He. "
14 Mary turn look for back. She see some person. But Mary no been know say na Jesus.
15 Jesus ask Mary say, " Why you the cry ? Na who way you the look ? " Mary think say na watch -night for bury-ground. Mary talk for the man say, " I beg you, if na you take My Master He die-body go hide'am, tell me the place way you keep the die-body make I go take'am."
16 Jesus call mary say, " MARY". Mary turn and one time Mary see Jesus stand for he before. Mary shout say, "Rabbouni!" that one mean say, "Teacher".
17 Jesus talk for he say, " No touch me, Because, I get for go see Papa first. Go tell my
brother gnrsay^l^Me,-^! the'gb up for^gQ^see-'we-Papa, and we GoB?*
18 Mary go tell Jesus He disciple them say, " Tdong see Jesus" and Mary tell them all the other thing them way Jesus tell he for tell them .



19 For evening time, the disciple them lock door and hide inside house because say them be the fear that big people them for Jew way them kill Jesus. One time, One time them see Jesus for them middle. Jesus talk for them say, " Make owner get peace."
20 Time way Jesus salute them, Jesus show them He hand and He banja. Glad been pass Jesus He disciple for time way them see Jesus.
21 jesus talk for them say, " As my Papa send me na so way me too I the send owner"
22 Jesus Breeze for them and He talk say, " Make owner get the Holy Spirit for owner inside."
23 If owner chuss people them bad, My Papa too go excuse them, but if owner no chuss people them bad even my Papa no go chuss them.
24 Thomas way been be na twins, no been day with the other disciple them time way Jesus been came see them.
25 Time way Thomas came back, the other disciple them tell he say Jesus dong wake-up for die and He came see them. Thomas talk say, I no go believe. If I no see the mark for nail for he hand and put my hand for place way them been chuck He for banja, me I no go believe say Jesus wake-up for die.
26 One week pass and Jesus He disciple them been be lock themself for inside
house. Lucky, Thomas no been go some place. One time Jesus came stand for them before,
the same like the other time. Jesus salute them say, " Make my peace be with owner."
27 Jesus turn talk for thomas say, " Thomas, came put your finger for the place way them nail me for hand, and came put your hand for my banja. I no want say make you doubt, but make you believe.
28 Thomas talk say, " O! my Papa and my God."
29 Jesus talk for Thomas say, " You believe because say, you see me, but plenty blessing go be for the people them way no see me but them believe.



30 Jesus been do other plenty wonder them way he disciple them been see but I no been get time for write all them for inside this book. But I write this thing them for make say, make owner believe say Jesus na God He pikin way He send for this ground for came help we. And all people way believe say Jesus na pikin for God, them go get life way no go finish.