Cameroon Pidgin Bible

by Rev. Dr. Ekoka A. Molindo


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Chapter 21


Jesus he disciple them be go for catch fish for comer water way day for Galilee way them the call say, Tiberias, and Jesus been go meet-up he disciple them for there.
2 This one them na the disciple way Jesus be see, Simon Peter, Thomas way na twins, Nathanael way he come-out from cana inside Galilee, James and he brother John and two other disciple mem.
3 Simon Peter tell them say, he want go catch fish. The other disciple them tell he say," We too go like for join you for catch fish." For all night, we try for catch fish, but we no catch even one.
4 For early morning way place still dark, Jesus stand for beach, but he disciple them no know say na Jesus.
5 Jesus ask them say, " My pikin them owner never catch any fish 7 " The disciple the answer say, N We never even catch one."
6 Jesus talk for them say, " Owner throw owner cast-net for owner right-hand side for the boat, and owner go catch plenty fish. We throw the net again as Jesus talk. One time, fish full-up the net. We no been even fit for draw the net because say the net been heavy plenty.
7 Na for that time way me John I tell Peter say, " That man must be na Jesus." Time way Peter hear say na Jesus, he put cloth for he skin, Jump for inside water swim for go meet Jesus.
8 The other disciple them pull the canoe for beach because them no be far plenty.
9 Time way them all reach for beach, them see say, Jesus get bread and some fish been be for inside fire.
10 Jesus talk for them say, " Owner give me some fish way owner catch'am." 11 Simon Peter go for take some fish. Peter see say, them catch pass 153 big, big fish and the net no even broke.
12 Jesus talk for them say, Owner came chop small thing." No man ask he say, "You be who?'" because all man been dong know say na Jesus.
13 Jesus take the bread and the fish divide'am for He disciple them.
14 Na this one been be the number three time way Jesus show He self for He disciple after time way He wake-up from die.



15 Time way them finish chop, Jesus ask Peter say, " Simon pikin for John you like me pass this other disciple them ? Simon Peter talk for Jesus say," Yes my Papa, you know say I like you." Jesus talk for he say, " Give chop for my small pikin goat them."
16 Jesus ask Peter number two time," Simon pikin for John you like me ?" Peter answer Jesus
.say, " Yes, Papa you know say I like you." Jesus talk for he say," Look-out my sheep them."
17 Jesus talk for he the number three time say," Simon pikin for John, you like me ?" Peter vex because say Jesus ask he the same question three time. Peter answer Jesus say, " Papa you know all thing, you know say I like you." Jesus talk for he say, " Give chop for my sheep them."
18 Time way you been be small pikin, you be the do the thing way you like, and go for any place way you want for go. But time way you go old, another person go hold your hand and them go take you go for place way you no like for go."
19 Jesus tell Peter this one for make he know (he kind die way he Peter go die, for make say God He name go before. Time way Jesus finish talk, He tell them say, " Owner follow me ."



20 As Peter turn he see that disciple way Jesus been like plenty, he too the follow. Na the disciple been near Jesus time way them be seat-down for chop for table. And na he way been ask Jesus, " Master, na who day here way go sell you ?"
21 Peter ask Jesus say, " How for John, which kind na die way he too go die ?"
22 Jesus talk for Peter say, " If I talk say he no go die, till time way I go came back how that one concern you." Then Jesus talk for them say, " Owner follow me."
23 News begin waka all place say, John no go die, but no be the thing way Jesus talk. Jesus be only ask question say, " If I talk say John no go die, till I came back, how that one concern owner?"
24 Na me John I the write this book. And, if say we been write all the other thing them way Jesus do, that kind book go big pass this whole world.