Cameroon Pidgin Bible

by Rev. Dr. Ekoka A. Molindo


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Chapter 21


I tell owner true say, any man way want for enter inside house, and he no pass for door but he the try for climb pass for window na df man.
2 When ( Nganakor) man way the look-out goat them want for enter inside goat house, he the pass na for the door. Tif man the jump na for window.
3 When the messanger see the Nganakor the came, the messanger go open the door
and when the goat them hear he voice, them go follow he. The Nganakor know all the name
thenm for he goat.
4 All time way the goat them the go chop, them go follow the nganakor, because say them know he voice.
5 The goat them no fit follow stranger, because say them no know the stranger he voice.
6 The people them no be understand this palaver for goat and nganakor way Jesus been the tell them.
7 Then Jesus start for explain for them say, " See, for inside that story, na me Jesus I be the door way the goat them the pass before them go out side.
8 All the other people them way them came for my before, na tif people them. My correct goat no fit follow that tif people them.
9 Na me I be the door, all people them way pass for my door, them go see better, and them go get all the thing thefts way them want.
10 Tif man he work na for tif, for kill, and for broke place. But me I came say make people them get life and make them get life way enjoyment plenty.
11 Me I be the Nganakor way he like he goat them plenty, plenty . If bad bif came for kill my goat them, me I go fight the bif. Better say make me I die pass say make I lose one goat.
12 If work man see bad bif, the work man go run hide. The bad bif go chop all the goat them. The work man go run hide because say, no be he get the goat them.
13 He be only work man, when moon finish, he want na he pay.
14 Na me Jesus, I be the person way I get the goat them. I like my goat them, before tiger go want kill my one goat, the tiger go first kill me. Because say I like my goat them plenty.
15 As way I know my Papa na so way my Papa know me. And He know say I no fit leave say make something do my goat them.
16 Me I get other goat them way them no day for here. I go bring them for here, that one go make say, all my goat them go be for one place with them master.
17 My Papa like me because say I go die and I go wake up for die.
18 No ma no day way he fit kill me if my Papa no agree. My Papa give me power for die and power for wake up for die.
19 Time way Jesus finish for talk, all the Jew people them confuse again.
20 Some them talk say, this man na craze man, make owner no hear he talk.
21 The other one them talk say, " This man na God man, because say bad man no fit open eye for man way no the see from time way them bom he."



22 For Jerusalem, time for that big day for Dedication been fall na for that time way place them the over cold.
23 Jesus been the waka for inside temple for some comer way them the call say Solomon's Hall.
24 The big people them for Jew, them came ask Jesus say. We no know which thing for do, if na you be God He pikin for true, true tell we one time.
25 Jesus tell them say, " I dong tell owner plenty time say I be I be God He pikin, but owner no want for believe me. Even the wonder way I the do the show say, I be pikin for God.
26 But owner no believe because say owner be Satan he pikin them.
27 I know my own goat them. Anytime them hear my voice, them go follow me .
28 I the look-out them fine, fine, no person fit tif them from me. And me I the give long life for my goat them.
29 My Papa way He give me this goat them get power pass all people. No person no day way fit for tif even one goat from my Papa He hand.
30 Me and my Papa na one person."
31 The Jew people them take stone again for kill Jesus.
32 Jesus talk for them say, " God He give me power for make sick people them for well and for do plenty wonderful thing them for help owner, make owner tell me for true, true, which bad thing way I do for owner, way owner want for kill me.
33 The Jew people them tal)c for Jesus say, " We want for kill you because say you the make people them for believe say you be pikin for God. And we know say you be pikin for Joseph and Mary.
34 Jesus talk for them say, " No be owner own law talk say person fit be God ? "
35 And for inside owner God book, owner call the people them way them the talk God he talk say them be God, why owner the vex with me.
36 And owner know say me I be God He pikin and na God Him self, self send me for owner.
37 Make owner no believe me if the wonder way I the do, no be the wonder way God send me for do.
38 But if I the do the wonder way God send me for do why owner no want for believe say this wonder na God He power. Even if owner no want for believe for me make owner believe the wonder way owner the see'am . That one go show owner say me and God na one.
39 The Jew people them try for catch Jesus for go lock Him, but Jesus lose for their eye.
40 Jesus cross again that big Jordan water and He go rest small for near the place way John the Baptist be the Baptize.
41 Plenty people came meet Jesus for place way He be the rest,them begin talk say,
" John the Baptist no been do plenty wonder like this man, but all thing way John the Baptist
talk about this man na true."
42 Plenty people them start for believe for Jesus.