Cameroon Pidgin Bible

by Rev. Dr. Ekoka A. Molindo


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Chapter 21


Lazarus, brother for Mary and Martha be the sick. Them been came from that country way them the call say Bethany.
2 Make you no forget say na that Mary way she been wash Jesus He foot with he water for eye and she been rub Jesus He foot with that fine, fine oil way dear plenty money. Na this Mary way he brother Lazarus been the sick.
3 Mary and Martha, them send news for Jesus say, " Master your friend Lazarus the sick plenty, try came quick, quick."
4 Time way Jesus hear this news, Jesus talk say, " This one na small sick way no fit kill person, but this sick go show plenty people them say, na me I be the pikin for God.
5 And all people them be know say, Jesus been like Martha, Mary and them brother Lazarus.
6 Time way Jesus hear news say He friend Lazarus the sick, Jesus no been go see he friend one time , Jesus stay for place way He been be for another two day again.
7 Small time Jesus tell He disciples them say, " Owner came make we go for Judea again."
8 Jesus He disciples them talk for Jesus say, " Teacher, no go back for Judea, you forget say na for Judea way the Jew people them been want for kill you ?
9 Jesus talk for them say, " From six O'clock for morning time to six O'clock for evening time way sun the shine, he hard for person for loss road.
10 But person way the waka no night, go loss because he no get lamp ans he no the see road."
11 Small time Jesus talk for them say, " Owner came make we go, we friend Lazarus the sleep. I want for go wake-up he for sleep."
12 Jesus he disciples them talk for Hem say, " If Lazarus the sleep, then he go wake-up by himself, no be na rest way he the rest ?"
13 Time way Jesus he disciples them hear Jesus talk say Lazarus the sleep, them
member say na only common sleep, them no know say Jesus be the talk for them say, Lazarus
dong die.
14 Small time Jesus tell them say, " We friend Lazarus dong die".
15 But I thank God say, me I no been be for there. When I do this wonder even owner go believe say for true, true me I be the pikin for God. Owner came make we go see Lazarus."
16 Thomas way na twin pikin, talk for the other disciple them say, " Jesus want go Die for Judea, owner came make we go die with he. Jesus know say people them want for kill He for Judea, and na for there way He still want for go."



17 Time way Jesus reach for Lazarus he town, na that time Jesus Know say he friend Lazarus^ 30
.^Jllliour before.
^1^'osalem and Bethany them no been far way, na only two mile. 81pl|nty Jew people them been came cry die with Mary and Martha. d^EHne way Martha hear say Jesus the came for road, Martha he leave Mary for house, run meet-up Jesus for road.
J|l|<artla talk for Jesus say, " Papa if say you been came quick, my brother no for die. |||]But even now I know say God fit give you anything way you ask He." Hi Jesus talk for Martha, " Make you no worry Martha, your brother go wake-up for die." ^Martha answer Jesus say, " Papa I know say for that last day for Judgement day, all man way dong die go wake-up, na that time way I know say my brother go wake-up for die." 25 Jesus talk for Martha say, " Martha na me I be the power way the wake-up people them for |^& and na me I be me life, any person way believe for me, even if the person die, he go Pj^B-up for die.
(j^S And any person way believe for my mane and for the thing way I the talk no go ever die. Illliartha you believe this talk ?"
|iy2'7 Martha talk say, " Papa I believe say na you be God He pildn way He send for came help liaH people for this ground." JESUS CRY
28 Time way Martha finish for talk for Jesus, Martha run go tell he sister for ear softly say, " We Papa dong came and He want for see you."
Jesus be still day for pake way Martha been meet-up He. Mary too run go meet-up Jesus for that same place.
Time way the Jew people them way them came cry die with Mary and Martha, see Mary wake-up quick, quick begin run go out side, them think say Mary the go for cry again for he brother he bumng-ground.
32 Time way Mary see Jesus, Mary fall for Jesus He foot. She cry say, " Papa if you been came quick, sometime my brother no for die."
33 Time way Jesus see Mary and all the other people them the cry, Jesus sorry plenty.
34 Jesus ask them say, " Owner show me the place way owner bury him."
35 Jesus cry.
36 The Jew people them begin for talk say, " See how this man like he friend Lazarus."
37 Some other Jew them begin the talk say, " This man way he get power for open eye for blind man, why he no make he friend Lazarus make he no die ? "



38 As Jesus go near he friend he buring- ground way them been cover'am with big stone, sorry full-up heart.
39 Jesus talk for them say, " Owner move the stone way he cover the burry-ground." Martha, sister for Lazarus, talk for Jesus say, " Master, if them remove the stone, the whole place go smell, because na four day today since way he die."
40 Jesus talk for Martha say, I no be tell you say if you only believe say I be God He pildn, you go see some big, big wonder way God go do'am ?
41 One time, one time the people them remove the big stone way been cover the burrying-ground for Lazarus.
42 Jesus look for up and He talk say, " My Papa I thank you "say you the-near me-alMime?-I want say make you show your wonder, make the people them way them stand for here, make them know say, for true, true na you send me."
43 After Jesus dong talk with God, Jesus shout with big voice, " Lazarus, wake-up, come-out! came here."
44 One time, one time Lazarus wake up for die, he begin the came for meet Jesus, but he been still wear die-man cloths way been cover all he body. Jesus talk for them say, " Make owner remove all that die-man cloths for he body, owner give he new cloths, make he go for he house."



45 Plenty Jew people way them been stand for comer the burring-ground with Mary, them believe say for true, true Jesus na God He pikin."
46 Other Jew people them way them been see this wonder, been vex, and them go report for Pharisee and for big people them for church, the wonder way Jesus dong do again.
47 All the big people them for Church, and the Pharisee them, been get big, big meeting, for see which thing them go do with Jesus, because the wonder way He the do dong pass mark.
48 We get for kill this Jesus. If we no kill he, all people way them see this wonder go follow He and small time that big government way day for Rome go came for commandier we."
49 For that year na Caiaphas been be the big man for Church. Caiaphas, tell the people them say, them no get sense ?
50 Make we kill this one man, He no fine say make all people them die because of this one man. \
51 This talk for say make Jesus die for the place for all people, been came na from Caiaphas for the year way he been be big man for all church. Time way he talk this talk, he no been know the thing way he make he talk this talk.
52 He no been know the thing way he been talk, but this talk been show say, Jesus He die no go help only Jew people but all the people for the whole world way them believe for He name.
53 From that day, the Jew them begin the plan for kill Jesus.
54 Time way Jesus know say them want for kill him. He and all He disciples them go hide for some village way them the call say Ephraim.
55 The time for that big day for pass over been dong near, plenty people them came early for start for confess them bad before the big day go reach.
56 All the Jew people them been want for see Jesus, but them no been know if he go came for chop that big day with them for Jerusalem.
57 For that time Caiaphas, the big man for church been dong pass order say, if any person way see Jesus, make them tell he because say them want catch Jesus and for kill Him.