Cameroon Pidgin Bible

by Rev. Dr. Ekoka A. Molindo


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Chapter 21


Jesus tell them say, " Na me I be that big tree, and na God be the farmer.
2 Any branch way hang for my skin way no fit bom fruit, my Papa go cut the branch.
3 And any branch way born plenty fruit them, my Papa go fix the branch for say make the branch bom plenty fruit again.
3 All the teach way I dong teach owner dong make owner all for clean.
4 Make me and owner join together. Owner know say, no branch no day way fit bom fruit if that branch no join with the tree. Na the same with owner. If owner no join with me, owner no fit bom any fruitA
5 Na me I be the true tree, owner all be the branch them for this big tree. The branch way join for with me, that branch go bom plenty fruit, because if person try do something way me I no day inside , that thing no go waka.
6 Any person way think say he fit stand by himself, the lie, the person go be like branch way them cut. The branch go dry and he go die because say he no join with the tree. This kind dry branch, them good na for take make fire.
7 If owner join with me and owner do the thing way I tell owner, anything way owner ask make I do for owner, I go do.
8 My Papa the glad with the disciple them way them the do the thing way he pikin tell them.
9 As my Papa like me, na the same way me I like owner. Make my love join we all together.
10 People way them like me them the do the thing way I talk, just as way me I the do the thing way my Papa tell me for do.
11 I tell owner all this thing them because say I want my glad me for owner inside and make owner heart full-up with my glad.
12 This na my number one law, the law be say, " Make owner like owner self as me I like owner.
13 This na the thing way he show say, person like he friend. If the person fit die for he friend he place.
14 Person way want for be my friend must do the thing way I tell he.
15 I no fit talk say owner be my messanger them again, because say, master no fit tell messanger all thing for he heart, but Owner be my friend them. Na the thing make I tell owner all thing way my Papa tell me fpr tell owner.
16 Na me I pick owner, no be owner pick me. I been pick owner because say, I be want make owner be like tree way bom plenty fruit them. And for say make the fruit them no finish. This one go make say, anything way owner ask God for my name, He go give owner.
17 Na this one make me I tell owner say, owner must like owner self.



18 Make owner ready, plenty people them no go like owner, because them no like me.
19 People for this world, them go like owner if owner follow them for do bad. Now because owner the follow me for do good, people them no like owner.
20 Make owner remember the thing them way I just tell owner, say, " Messanger no big pass he master, if people them the try for kill me, them go try for kill owner too. If them hear the thing way I talk for them, them go hear owner too.
21 People them go try for do bad for owner, because say, owner the follow me and because say, them no know God.
22 First time way I no been talk for them, them no be know say for hate owner na bad, but now way I dong tell them, them no get excuse.
23 Any person way hate me hate my God too.
24 If them no be see all the wonder way I do, them no for belief say I be God he pikin , and them no for even know say them heart no clean and them be bad people.
25 All this one na for make say the thing way Moses write inside the law, make he be true. Moses write say, " People them hate me way I no do them anything."
26 Small time I go send owner, person way go cool owner heart, and that person
na Holy Spirit. Na my Papa go send owner the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit go tell owner
all true way owner no know.
27 Owner all my disciple them must tell other people them the thing way I the do say owner day with me from the time way I start my work.