Cameroon Pidgin Bible

by Rev. Dr. Ekoka A. Molindo


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Chapter 21


Jesus talk for He disciple them say, " Make owner no fear, make owner believe be na for God and for me.
2 My Papa He house big plenty and he get plenty room them. If the thing way
I the talk no be true I no go tell owner say I the go for fix place for owner.
3 If I finish fix place for owner I go came back again for here for came take owner, because say me I want make owner be for the same place way me I day.
4 And I know say owner know the place way I the go.
5 Thomas ask Jesus say, " Master we no know the place way you the go, how we go manage know the road for go reach there ?"
6 Jesus talk for Thomas say, " Look Thomas, na me I be road, na me I be true, and na me I be life. No person no day way fit go see my Papa way he no see me first.
7 Any person way know me, mean say that person he know mya Papa too. But as owner know me, mat one mean say, owner know my Papa."
8 Philip ask Jesus say, " Master show we God because say na all that way we want for know."
9 Jesus talk for Philip say, " Philip me I dong stay with you for three year and you talk say you no know me 7 Any person way see me, na my Papa way the person see. No talk again say, you want for see my Papa, because say you dong see me.
10 You no know say, me I day inside my Papa and my Papa day inside me ? The thing way I the talk for owner, na the thing way my Papa way day for my inside tell me for tell owner.
11 I want make owner know say, me I day for inside my Papa and my Papa day for my inside. If owner no want for believe this true, even the wonder way I the do, go tell owner say, na my Papa He power way day for my inside, the do all this wonder them.
12 I the tell owner for true, true say, Any person way believe the thing way I the talk, go get power for do the wonder way I the do. The person fit even do wonder pass me self because say small time I the go meet-up my Papa.
13 Anything way owner want'am and owner ask for my name, I go give owner, for make say make my Papa He name go for before.
14 If owner ask anything for my name I go give owner



15 Jesus talk for them say, " If owner like me, owner go do the thing them way I tell owner for do. And if owner do the thing them way I tell owner for do,
16 I go tell my Papa make He send owner Holy Spirit way go look-out owner fine.fine and
for all time.
17 This one go be the Spirit for true, way people for this world no fit get because, the people for this world no fit see He and them no fit know He . Owner know this Spirit because say, He day right now for owner inside.
18 No, I no fit leave owner like pikin them way no get mammy and papa, for this kind bad place, I must came back.
19 Small time I go die and people for this world them no go see me, but owner go see me. Because if I die, I go live again, and because I go live, all owner too go live.
20 Time way I go wake-up for die, na that time owner go know say, I day inside my Papa, and owner day inside me, and me I day for owner inside.
21 People them way them like me na them the obey my law them, ant na that kind people them way my Papa too like. And I go show them who way me I be for true, true."
22 Then Judas (This one no be Judas Iscariot, but na another Disciple way get the same name) talk for Jesus Say, " Master, why he be say you go show we who you be for true, true, but you no want for show all the other people for the world ? "
23 Jesus talk for he say, I go only show myself for the people them way
mem like me. ifa for this people them way me and my Papa go came stay for inside them
24 People way no do the thing them way I tell them, them, no like me, and all the thing them way I the talk, na God the tell me for tell owner.
25 He fine make I tell owner this thing them, as way I never die, and I still day with owner.
26 But small time God go sent Holy spirit way go teach owner all thing them, and na the Holy Spirit go make owner for remember all the thing them way I dong teach owner.
27 I the leave my peace with owner, and I the give my peace with owner. The peace way I the give owner he no day the same like the peace way, this world the try for give owner. Make owner heart no worry, and make owner no fear.
28 I tell owner say, small time I the go for meet-up my Papa, if owner like me, owner for glad with me because say, I the go for meet-up my Papa way big pass me.
29 I the tell owner all this thing them before the time way them go happen. That one go make say, when the thing them happen, owner go believe say for true, true me I be pikin for God.
30 I the see say, my time for die dong reach. Satan and he people them the came for take me for go kill me. But them no get any power for kill me .
31 But I go die for them hand because na so way my Papa tell me for do. Time way I die, all people them go know say, me I like my Papa. This na the time; make owner stand up and make we begin for go.