Cameroon Pidgin Bible

by Rev. Dr. Ekoka A. Molindo


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Chapter 21


As Jesus been the pass for read, Jesus see some man way no been the see from the time way them bom he.
2 Jesus He disciple them ask he say " Teacher, why he be say this man no the see
from time way he mammy bom he. He the suffer so na because say he do bad or na he family
do bad.
3 Jesus talk for them say, " This man no do bad, even he family self no do bad. But God He work man no fit understand.
4 Man way get something for do make he do quick, because small time night go reach and no body no go fit work.
5 Jesus the talk say, " As way I still day for this world, na me I be the lamp for this world."
6 Jesus turn spit for ground, and then He make potor-potor with He spit, then He put'am for the blind man he eye.
7 Jesus tell the blind man say, " Go wash your eye inside Siloam water," (That water he other name na Sent".) Time way the man finish wash he eye, one time, one time, he start for see.
8 People them sart for wonder, " No be na the blind man this way be the beg here for comer road?"
9 Some people them say " No no be he " Other one them say " But na he" The Blind man tell them say na he be that blind man way been the beg for comer road.
10 Then them ask he say, " If na you be that blind man , who open your eye them?
11 The blind tell them say, " Na some man way them the call say Jesus Na him put porto-porto for my eye then He say make I go wash my eye for that water for Siloem. Time way I finish wash my eye, one time, one time, I start for see.
12 The people them ask he say^^_ For which side way this Jesus He day ?" The man talk say he no know place way Jesus pass.



13 People them take this man way been blind for go show the Pharisee them.
14 Na for Sabbath day way Jesus been open that man he eye them.
15 The Pharisee them too begin the ask the man who open he eye them. The man talk for them say, na Jesus put porto-porto for my eye them , then I go wash my eye. Time way I finish wash my eye, one time, one time I begin the see.
16 Some Pharisee them talk say, " Jesus no be pikin for God, because say he the make man for well for Sabbath day, and he the broke Moses he law." Other one them talk say " This

man must be na God man, you think say man way God no day with he fit do this kind wonderful thing ? Them no know which thing for do or who for believe.
17 The Jew then ask the man way Jesus open he eye them, them talk say, " My friend make you tell we this man way open you eye, na good man or na bad man ? The man talk for them say, " Jesus na God he man for true, true."
18 The Jew them call the papa for the man way Jesus open he eye them .
19 Them ask me man he papa say, " Tell we the true, " Na true say this your pikin be blind from time way them born he ? If na true, how manage he the see now ?
20 The pikin he papa talk for them say, " We know say na we pikin this, and we know say from time way them born he, he never see.
21 But we no know who open he eye them. Make owner ask he. Na big man he go tell owner he self, self.
22 The Blind ma he papa be know say na Jesus open he pikin he eye but he be the fear for talk true. Because say the Jew people them been agree say any person way talk say Jesu na pikin for God, them go drive him for them Church.
23 Na the thing make he papa talk say, " Make owner ask he self, self make he tell owner."
24 The Pharisee them call this blind man again, for ask he question. Them tell he say, " No try talk say na Jesus open your eye. Talk say na God open your eye. Because Jesus na bad man, and He no get power."
25 The blind man talk say, " Me I no know whether Jesus na bad man or na good man, one thing way I know be say Yesterday I been be na blind man, but today I the see.
26 Then them ask the blind man say, " How he manage open your eye them ?"
27 The Blind man tell them say, " I dong tell owner plenty time but no person want for believe, why owner want again say make I tell owner, owner too want for be he disciple ?
28 The Jew them vex with the blind man, them talk for he say, " We be Moses he disciple them, na you be Jesus he disciple.
29 We know say Moses na God He messanger, but we no know for which side this Jesus Man come-out from."
30 The blind man talk for them say, " This kind thing wonder me, even owner big book people no know the man way open my eye."
31 We all know say God no fit hear the thing way bad people them the ask 36 he , but God the hear the thing way good people the ask He.
32 This wonder way, person^pen eye for man way never see from time way them bom he, na the number one wonder for the world.
33 Na God give Jesus this power for do all this wonderful thing them.
34 The Jew people them talk for this blind man say, " We know plenty book, you no know nothing, why you want try for teach we ? " Then them drive the man make he come-out for them Church.



35 Jesus hear as the Jew people them drive that blind man from them church. Jesus go begin find he. Time way Jesus see he, Jesus ask he say, " You believe say na me I be God He pikin ? "
36 The Blind man talk say, " Tell me papa and I go believe."
37 Jesus talk for he say, " Me way I the talk for you, na me I be God He pikin"
38 The man fall for Jesus He foot talk say, " Papa I believe."
39 Jesus talk say, " Me I came for this world for make people them way them blind for see and people them way them the see for no see."
40 Some Pharisse them hear as Jesus talk, them ask themself" This Jesus think say we be blind people."
41 Jesus talk for them say, " If owner for be blind, then God fit excuse owner, but now way owner talk say owner the see owner go suffer for owner bad.