Cameroon Pidgin Bible

by Rev. Dr. Ekoka A. Molindo


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Chapter 21


1 When two day be pass, Jesus He mammy been go for some marriage way been be for Cana that country way he near Galilee .
2 Jesus and he disciples them too be go for this marriage .
3 Small time Jesus He mammy came tell He say, " My pikin, how we go do? mimbo dong finish and people them never even drink.
4 Jesus talk for He mammy say, " Mammy, which thing you want say make I do ? My time for work never reach.
5 But Jesus He mammy tell the people them say " Make owner do anything way He tell owner for do'am".
6 Six big empty jog for water been stand for corer house. Jew people them been use that
water inside this big jog. them for wash foot. This one na them own country fashion. That jog them been big plenty. One of this jog them fit carry pass 20 or 30 bucket water.
7,8 Jesus He tell the people them make them full-up the jog them with water so-tay for up.
Quick, Quick the people them full-up all that jog them with water. When them been finish the
work, Jesus talk for them say, " Make owner take some water inside the jog them and make owner go give the papa for the marriage."
9 When the papa for the marriage been taste that water way Jesus turn 'am for mimbo, he been wonder say na for which side this fine fine mimbo come-out ( But the people way been carry the water for full the jog them, been know the wonderful thing way Jesus dong do. Water turn mimbo). The papa for marriage quick„ quick he go call the master way he been the marry that day, he tell he palava for that new mimbo.
10 " Which kind wonderful thing this, other people them like for bring fine mimbo first, so that when people them dong full'up their belly with the fine mimbo, then he go bring the mimbo way no fine. But you go keep the fine fine mimbo so-tay for las !"
11 This wonder weh Jesus been do for Cana inside the country for Galilee, Na this one been be the first wonder way Jesus been do way plenty people been see'am for show say He power come-out na from God. This one been make Jesus He disciple them for a gree say na him be the pikin for God weh He came for save them.
12 When that marriage been dong pass, Jesus, He Mammy, He disciple and He brother them been go for Capernaum for rest there for small time.



13 The rime for Jewish passover been dong reach. Jesus come-out begin go for Jerusalem.
14 Time way He reach for Church, He see how people them dong turn Church house for market. Buy'am , sell'am them be the do their work strong strong. Them be the sell all kind
thing them. Even goat and sheep and bird them way them the kill'am for sacrifice sef been day there. People them way them the change money them too been full all place.
15 Jesus He vex. Jesus cut cain and He start for beat the people and He drive them. The people them start for run for all side. Them money scatter, goat cut rope and cow broke fence and them bird all fly. Jesus tumble the table way them be the sell. Came see confusion for inside church house. Better no been day that day. Goat, sheep, and people them be the run all side.
16 Jesus go meet-up the people them way them be the sell inside church. He talk for them say " Make owner move all this thing them for here. Make no man no try make my Papa He house turn market place.
17 Na for that time Jesus He disciple them remember the thing way God He first book be talk;
" Make man no play with God He house."
18 The big papa them for»that church ask Jesus, say ? "Na who give you power for drive people them for Church house ? " If this your power come-out na from God sef sef, show we some other wonder way go make we believe say na You be that God he pikin.
19 Jesus talk for them say, "As owner want
see the power way God give me, Me I go show owner big big wonder now now. Me I go broke
this big church house, scatter all the stone them. And he go take me only three day for build all
this Church house again.
20,21 The people them wonder, them talk say, this big Church house be take we long, long
time (46 year) for build'am how this man talk say he fit build'am he one for only three day.
This people them no be know say Jesus be the talk say if them kill he body for number three
day He go wake up for die.
22 The time way Jesus wake up for die true true, He disciple them been remember this panapu way Jesus been tell them, and way them been write'am too for God he book, say God He pikin go wake up for die.
23 For the wonder way Jesus been do'am for the time for Passover, for Jerusalem, plenty people them believe say na Him be that God He pikin for true true. 24. But Jesus know people them fine fine. He know say, people them fit laugh with you for mouth, but for inside their heart them the member na only how them go kill you.