Cameroon Pidgin Bible

by Rev. Dr. Ekoka A. Molindo


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Chapter 21


Talk dong reach people for Pharisee say, Jesus the baptize plenty people pass John.
2 No be Jesus self-self no be the baptize, na Jesus He disciple them be the baptize.
3 Jesus come out for Judea beging go for Galilee.
4 He be get for pass for road for Samaria.
5,6 Time be dong reach 12 o'clock for day dme and sun be the hot, dme way Jesus reach for Sychar, Jesus be dong tire pass mark. Jesus begin rest for comer Jacob he well. This well been be for the ground way Jacob been give'am for he pikin Joseph.
7 Small time Jesus see some Samaritan woman came for carry water, Jesus beg the woman small water for drink.
8 For this time na Jesus He one been be day, because say all He disciple them been dong go for town go buy something for chop.
9 This thing pass this waman, how Jew Person go ask Samaritan person for give He water ? The woman talk for Jesus say, " You no know say we Samaritan and owner Jew people we be enemy ?
10 Jesus talk for the waman say " If you be know the kind lucky way you get and the person way the talk for you for give He water for drink, you for ask make I give you that water way get life.
11 The woman ask Jesus say " How you go manage get water way you no get even rope or bucket for draw water, and this well deep plenty, na for which side that your water way get life go come'out ?
12 Look massa, you think say you better pass we grand-grand papa Jacob ? How you go talk say your water fine pass this water from this well way Jacob and he pikin and all he cow them be drink this water ?
13 Jesus talk for this woman say, any person way he drink water from this well, go hungry water again.
14 But person way go drink my water , the water go be fresh inside he way go make the person no go hungry water again and this water go give the person life way no go finish.
15 The woman talk for Jesus say, Papa, I beg you give me that your kind water. If I drink that your water I no go hungry water again and I no go begin came for here every day for came carry water.
16 Jesus talk for the waman say, " Go tell your massa say I want see he". 17, 18 The woman talk for Jesus say, " Me I no marry" Jesus talk for the woman say, you talk true say you no marry, because you dong marry five time and the man way you and he the stay now no be your man.
19 The waman shout for up, Papa, for true true you be prophet.
20 But tell me why he be say owner Jew people talk say na for Jerusalem way people get for
.jwayer-P-Jju^we Samaritan them we the preyer na for this big, big hill way-them the call say
Garazim the same place way we grand-grand papa them too be the prayer. "21 Jesus talk for the woman'say, " Mammy look !"smaU time people them no go prayer for
God for comer this big hill or for Jerusalem ". Because say, that one no mean something for
22 Owner Samaritan them the prayer for God way owner no know, we the prayer for the God way we know because say salvation came na for Jew people first.
23 But time the came reach weh the true people for God go prayer for God for inside them spirit and for true. Because say na this kind people way God the want'am.
24 God na spirit and people them way them want for prayer for He must prayer for He inside them spirit and for true true.
25 The woman talk for Jesus say" Me I know say God He pikin the came, (Way He name na Christ) time way He go came He go tell we all thing them "
26 Jesus talk for the woman say " Me way I the tell you now, na me I be that God He pikin" .
27 Small time Jesus He disciples them way them be go buy chop them came back. Them meet up Jesus the talk for this Samaritan woman. This thing wonder them because say He be the talk with that woman. ( But no person no ask Jesus " Why you the talk with that woman ? ).
28 That woman leave he bucket water for comer that well, she run go tell people for town say,
29 Owner came see some man way He tell me all thing them way I dong do, sometime na this man be that God He pikin be get for came.
30 All people them follow that woman for came see Jesus.
31 For that time Jesus He disciple them begin beg He say " Massa, try chop something" .
32 Jesus talk for them say, He no go chop, and say He get some kind chop way them no know .
33 Jesus he Disciple them begin wonder, say " Na who bring He chop way we no know" ?
34 Jesus talk for them say, my chop na for do the work way God send me for do'am and for finish the work.
35 No be owner talk say four moon go pass before corn strong, look for up see the plenty people them way never hear God He good news and them the wait you make you came talk for them.
36 Person way the pick corn that one be say people way them the tell other people them God He good news, God go give them fine, fine pay. Person way talk God He good news and the person way believe God He good news, God go bless them all.
37 Na true say some people them work na for plant corn and other people them work na for pick corn way dong strong.
38 Me I send owner make owner pick corn way owner no plant'am; other people dong do all the work for plant the corn, you came na for cut the corn way dong strong.
39 Plenty Samaritan people way them be follow that woman came hear Jesus He talk, been believe the thing way that woman be talk say " Owner came see some manway He tell me all thing way I dong do'am for my life".
40 That people them for Samaria, beg Jesus make He stay for them town, Jesus stay with them for two day.
41 And other plenty people way them be hear Jesus He talk be believe.
42 The people them start talk for the woman say, " We believe for this man because say we hear we self, self no be because of the thing way you came tell we. For true, true this man na God He pikin way came help all people for this world".



43 When two day been pass Jesus go for Galilee, ( As Jesus Him self self been talk say
44 " No person fit respect prophet if the prophet go back for place way He grow". 45 But people them for Galilee be glad with Jesus because say time way them been be for Jerusalem them be see some wonder way Jesus been do'am.



46,47 As Jesus be the go ?br Galilee, He be pass for Cana, that country way he been make water turn mimbo. As Jesus turn been the talk some big man for government inside Capernaum, way he pikin been the sick, he fell for Jesus He foot begin beg Jesus say, " Papa for Capernaum, my pikin the sick plenty sometime self he dong die for my back.
48 Jesus ask them say " Why he be say owner want believe for me na only for time way owner see the wonder way I the do "?
49 That big chief of service for government fall for Jesus He foot begin the beg Jesus. " Master I beg you if you no came quick quick my pikin go die.
50 Jesus talk for he say, go back
for your house, your pikin he sick dong finish. One time the man believe Jesus he talk then he
turn back for go for he house.
51 As the man be the go back for he house he see he messanger them the came for call he and for tell he the good news say he pikin he sick dong finish.
52 He ask them for which time way that pikin he sick finish ? Them tell he say na yesterday for one o'clock for day time. One time the man remember say na that same time way Jesus be tell he say " Go back for your house,, your pikin he sick dong finish". That big big man for government and all he family, believe say Jesus na for true true pikin for God. 54 Na the number two wonder this way Jesus do for Galilee after He be dong leave Judea.