Cameroon Pidgin Bible

by Rev. Dr. Ekoka A. Molindo


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Chapter 21


Time way Jesus finish talk all this thing them. He look up for heaven and He start for prayer say, " Papa the time dong reach, give power for your pikin for make say make your pikin make all people for know you.
2 Na yoli God, jgive me, way be your your pikin power for commandier all people for this world. ^Yw give me power for give life way no go finish for all people way believe for your pikin He name.
3 The people them way go get this life way no go ever finish na that people them way them believe say, na only you God be the true God. And na me Jesus Christ be your only pikin way you send for this ground for help people.
4 I do plenty wonder way plenty people them see, because say, I do na only the thing them way you tell me for do.
5 Now, Papa, I beg you give me that same power way me and you been get for heaven for the time way we never even make this ground.
6 Papa, I dong tell all my disciple them your story, I know say na you give them for me. And I see say them the do the thing way you tell them.
7 I dong tell them say, all the thing them way I get na you dash me.
8 Me I dong give them the law way you give me. Them no deny for take and for do the thing way the law talk. Because them know for true, true say, na you God send me for came for this ground.
9 Papa, I the beg you, make you look-out this my disciple them, because say, them be your pikin them. This no be time for worry for the other people them.
10 Papa, I thank you say, na you get all thing, and all thing way you get you give'am for me. Na this make me for glad plenty for you.
11 Papa, some time I go leave this my disciple them for back, because say, I the came for meet-up you for heaven. Papa look-out them fine, fine, and make them like themself and be like one person, because say, na so you and me we like we-self and we day together all time.
12 Papa, since way you give me this disciple them, I dong look-out them fine, fine, no one no lose, na only Judas he one follow road for satan. This one na for make say, the thing way them write for God He book make he happen.
13 Papa, you know my time dong reach for came meet-up you for heaven. I dong tell my disciple them plenty thing for make say, them heart go glad even for the time way I no go be with them.
14 People them for this world, no like my disciple them, and them no like me too. Because say we the do the thing them way you God tell we for do.
15 I no the beg say make you move them from this ground. I the only beg say, make you no gree make satan touch them.
Small time I go take them for heaven because na for there way me I the go. Tiro them for this ground.
17 Make say make your talk make them clean, because say, your talk get power for clean people, and your talk na true.
18 As way you send me for this ground, na so way me too I the send them .
19 I go make sure say, as them the go for preach for other people them, my true must be for them inside.
20 Papa I no the prayer na for only this disciple them, but I the prayer for all people them way go hear this good news and them believe.
21 Papa, my prayer again be say, make them all get one heart. Make them for be together as way me and you day together. Papa, make say, you and me and them all be like one family. This one go make all people for know say na you send me for true, true.
22 I dong give them the power way you give me. This one go make them for be like one person as way you and me we be one person.
23 As way you and me na one, na so way I want say make we be inside them. This one go make people for know say, na you send me and you like them as way you like me.
24 Papa, I beg say, make you make say all the people them way them believe for my name, make them came for place way I the go. Na for that time way them go see my power, the same power way you been give me before we start for make this ground, because say you like me .
25 Good Papa, Plenty people for this world them no know you. But me I know you; and this my disciple them know say, na you send me.
26 Papa, I dong tell your story for my disciple them. That one go make you for like them the same way, you like me, because say, I day for them heart.