Cameroon Pidgin Bible

by Rev. Dr. Ekoka A. Molindo


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Chapter 21


Jesus talk for He disciple them say, " Me I the tell owner all this them for make say if the time reach make owner no wonder.
2 Small time them go tell owner way like me, make owner no enter them church house. I tell owner true say, small time people way them the try for kill owner go member say, na God he work way them the do.
3 The people them way them the try for kill owner, na bad people, them no the fear God.
4 But I tell owner all this thing them now, because say when the time reach owner go know say I been dong tell owner.



I the tell owner all this thing them now because say, small time I no go be with owner again.
5 Time dong reach for me for go back for place way I come-out. And no person no ask me say, " Na for which side way you the go ?"
6 Now way I dong tell owner say small time I go, go back for place way I come-out, sorry dong full-up owner heart.
7 But make I tell owner true, If I no go back, for place way I come-out, I no go fit send owner the Holy Spirit. But if I go back, I go send owner the Holy Spirit.
8 Time way the Holy spirit go came, he go make people them for know which thing them bad and which thing them good, and how God go judge we all.
9 The number one bad way people them for this world the do na when them no believe say na me I be God He pikin.
10 The number one good thing way go happen be say, I the go back for my Papa and owner no go see me again.
11 The good thing for God he judgement be say, God dong judge and condemn satan.
12 I still get plenty thing them for tell owner but if I talk now owner no go understand me.
13 Time way the Holy Spirit go came, he go tell owner all true thing. The Holy Spirit no go tell owner he own talk, but he go tell owner na only the talk way God tell he for talk. He go even tell owner the thing them way never even happen.
14 The Holy Spirit go tell owner about me and he go put my name for up.
15 All thing them way my Papa get. He go give me. Na the thing make I talk say, the holy spirit go put my name for up and he go put my Papa he name for up too.



16 For some small time owner no go see me, but after some time I go came again.
17 Some Jesus he disciple them begin the ask the other one them say, " Why Jesus talk say, small time owner no go see me and after small time owner go see me again, because say I the
go meet-up my Papa. ?
18 Na which thing Jesus mean for this kind talk. ? "
19 One time, one time Jesus know say he disciple them want for ask he question. Jesus ask them say, " Owner want for know the thing way I talk just now ? "
20 Jesus talk for them say,
" I the tell owner for true, true say, people them go glad time way them see say I dong die, but sorry go catch owner plenty. But owner sorry go turn big, big glad, for time way I go wake-up from die.
21 Owner know say when time for womwn for bom pikin dong reach, that woman
go hear bad plenty. But time way pikin come-out from the woman he belly, the woman no fit
remember all the suffer again, because say he dong bom fine pikin.
22 Now owner all the hear bad, because I tell owner say I go die, but time way I go wake-up for die, all people them go glad. I no fit gree say make some person make owner vex.
23 When that time reach anything way owner go ask my Papa, for my name, He go give owner.
24 I see say owner never ask me anything, he fine say make owner try for ask God anything for my name and He go give owner anything, this one go make owner for glad plenty.



25 " Now I the talk for owner na with panapu, but small time I go tell owner story for my Papa for way, way all people them go understand.
26 When that time reach, anything way owner ask my Papa for my name he go give owner. I no know the thing way, I go ask my Papa for give for owner.
27 My Papa like owner plenty, because say, owner believe say I be He pikin.
28 Na my Papa send me for came for this ground, but small time I go, go back for meet-up my Papa. "
29 Jesus he disciple them talk say, " Look, now you no the talk with panapu, all people them the understand you now.
30 Now we know say you know all thing. And na this one make we for know say you be God he pikin. "
31 Jesus ask them say, " For true, true, owner dong believe now ?
32 Small time, no I think say the time dong even reach way owner all go scatter and run and owner go leave me here me one. But make owner no worry, my Papa go be with me.
33 I tell owner all this for make say, make owner get peace for inside owner heart. This world full-up na with trouble, but make owner glad plenty, because say my power strong pass the power for this world."