Cameroon Pidgin Bible

by Rev. Dr. Ekoka A. Molindo


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Chapter 21


Pilate take cane whip Jesus.
2 The soldier them, make some cap way get chuku, chuku them
put for Jesus he head. The soldier them put some fine chief cloth for Jesus he skin.
3 The soldier them begin for fine Jesus palava, them slap Jesus and begin the talk say, " Owner came see this kind chief for Jew people.
4 Pilate go talk for all the people them way them be stand
for outside say, " I go give Jesus for owner hand, but I want make owner know say, this man no do no bad thing.
5 Them bring Jesus for out side, for the place way the people them be day.
Jesus carry that chuku, chuku cap for he head, and he still wear that chief cloth too. Pilate talk
for the people them say, " Na owner person be this, owner do the thing way owner like with
6 Time way the people them see Jesus, them shout strong. Them talk say, " Make owner kill He, make owner kill He." Pilate talk for them say, " Make owner self, self kill He, me I no see the bad way this man do."
7 The people them shout say, we get we own law. And we law talk say, " Any person way talk say he be .God, we get for kill the person. And Jesus talk say he be God He pikin, na the thing make we want for kill He."
8 Time way Pilate hear this talk, big, big fear catch he.
9 Pilate take Jesus back for he house, Pilate ask Jesus for back, back say, " Tell me, na true say, you be God He pikin ?" Jesus no talk no nothing.
10 Pilate, vex . He talk for Jesus say, " Why you no want for answer me, you no know say, I get power for free you and I get power for talk say make them kill you ?
11 Jesus talk for he say, " If that power way you get, na my Papa give you then na correct power. But if no be my Papa give you that power, then you no fit do me no nothing. And the people them way bring me for here, God no go excuse them bad."
12 Pilate start for fear.
Pilate try for free Jesus, but the people them say, " If you free this man, that one mean say, you no be friend for Caesar. This Jesus talk say he be king, and na only Caesar be we king. This man want for chop chair for Caesar by force.
13 Time way Pilate hear this talk, he come out and he seat-down for he chief-chair.
14 Na twelve O'clock for afternoon way, Pilate bring Jesus for the people them and he talk say, " Owner want king , make owner take owner king." And Passover been dong near.
15 The people them talk say," Owner kill he, this man no be we king". Pilate ask them say, " Owner want for kill owner king? " the people them talk say, " We get na only one king. We king na Caesar."
16 Na for that time Pilate give Jesus for them say, make them kill He.



17 One time the people them take Jesus, them give him some big cross for carry. Jesus carry the cross go reach the place way them the call say, "Golgotha."
18 Na for Golgotha way them been nail Jesus for cross. Them put Jesus for middle two tif people.
19 Pilate put some big sign for he cross. The sign talk say, " JESUS PIKIN FOR NAZARETH, KING FOR JEW PEOPLE."
20 Them be write that sign for make say, people way fit read Hebrew, latin and greek go read'am and since that place way them nail Jesus, be near town, plenty Jew people them be read the sign.
21 The Chief Priest talk for Pilate say, " Change that sign board. Write for day say, He talk say na He be the king for Jew people, because we know say, He no be we king."
22 Pilate talk for them say, " The thing way I dong write, I no fit for change'am .
23 Time way the soldier them dong hang Jesus for cross, the four soldier them divide Jesus He close for four bundle, for say, make any man take one bundle. The soldier them no been know which thing for do with Jesus He big Agbada.
24 The soldier them talk say, " Make we no tear this cloth. Make we throw Jambo, for see man way go win the cloth." This na for make say the thing way them write for God He book, make He came true. Them write say, " Them be divide my cloth them and them play jambo for see man way go win my agbada."
25 And as God He book talk na so them do. For comer Jesus He cross, Plenty woman them be stand for day. Jesus He mama Mary, He mammy he sister, Mary woman for Clopas, and Mary Magdalene all them be stand for the foot for Jesus He cross.
26 Time way Jesus see He mammy stand for my comer, me John way Jesus be like plenty, Jesus talk say, " Mamma, na your pikin that."
27 Jesus turn, He talk for me say, " John na you mamma that." And from that time John take Mary for he house, and he look-out Mary like he own Mammy.
28 Time reach way Jesus Know say, all me work way He came do dong finish. And for make say thing way God He book talk, make he correct, Jesus talk say, " Owner give me water for drink, my throat dong dry ."
29 Some bucket for mimbo way dong spoil,be stand corner, the soldier them deep kucha inside that mimbo and them put for Jesus He mouth.
30 Time way Jesus drink that mimbo, Jesus talk say, " All thing dong .finish" One time He head fall for He chest, and he die.



31 Na for friday way Jesus been die. Them no be want for leave Jesus He body for cross for the next day way been get for be na big day for Sabbath. So them ask Pilate say, them want for broke all them foot. This na for make say make them die quick, quick.
32 The soldier them broke the foot for the other two people them.
33 Time way them reach for Jesus, them see say He
dong already die, so them no be broke He foot.
34 But one soldier take spear chuck Jesus for Banja. For that place way he chuck Jesus, water and blood come-out.
35 Me John I see all this thing them, na the thing make I write, for make say make you too believe.
36 The soldier them be do this thing for make say make the thing way them write for God he book, make he correct. Them write for day say, " Them no go broke He bone"
37 For another place for God he book, them write say, " All people them go look for see the person way them chuck."



38 Joseph way come-out from Arimathea, been be na Jesus He disciple but plenty people them no be know. He came beg Pilate say, he want take Jesus He body for go burry'am. Pilate give he order for bury Jesus.
39 Nicodemus way be came see Jesus for some night, he too been bring Plenty oill them for rub Jesus He body make He no spoil.
40 Them rub that oil for Jesus He body, then them wrap He body with cloth. Na the way this way Jew people them the bury people.
41 For inside the burring-ground way them be take Jesus, some place be day way them never burry no man for day.
42 Because say, them no be get plenty time and Sabbath been dong near, them put Jesus He die body for inside this burrying-ground