Cameroon Pidgin Bible

by Rev. Dr. Ekoka A. Molindo


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Chapter 21


Jesus been go for Bethany for go see He friend Mary, Martha, and Lazarus way he been just wake-up he for die. The Big day for Pass over been dong remain na only six day.
2 Them make some big, big, party for Jesus. Na Martha been cook all the chop and fix the table. Lazarus, he too been the chop with Jesus for table.
3 Mary go take some fine, fine oil way the smell fine, fine, and this cost plenty money. Mary rub Jesus He foot this fine, fine oil and wipe He foot with he hair. The fine smell for this oil begin for smell for the whole room.
4 Judas Iscariot way been be na Jesus He disciple, (And na this Judas way been sell Jesus ) talk say,
5 " Why owner the waste that fine, fine oil, for Jesus. Why we no sell that oil,for make plenty money, then we fit give that money for poor people them.
6 Judas talk this one, no be because say, he the sorry, for poor people, but na because say, he be tif man. And na he be the keep all money them, some time Judas the take that money, put'am for he own pocket.
7 Jesus talk for Judas say, " Leave Mary make he do the thing way she want for do. That oil way Mary buy'am na the oil way them go use'am for me time way I go die.
8 If you Judas the sorry for poor people them, make you no worry, you fit help poor people all time, because say poor no go ever finish. But small time me I no go be with owner again."



9 Time way the Jew people them hear say Jesus day for house for Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, them came no be only for see Jesus, but for see Lazarus way Jesus Wake-up for die.
10 The big people them for church be want for kill Lazarus too.
11 Because say, since way Jesus wake-up Lazarus from die, plenty Jew people start believe the thing way Jesus the tell them.



12 Time way all the people way came for chop big day for Jerusalem hear say Jesus day for road for came for Jerusalem, them cut branch for palm-tree, put for road, and them begin for sing and for dance.
13 Them begin sing say, " Hosanna ! Make God bless the new king for Isreal way He send for we all.
14 Jesus climb for back for small pikin horse then He begin the ride for inside Jerusalem, and na so way God He book write'am say,
15 " Make owner no worry, pikin them for Jerusalem, owner king the came . Owner go see the ride small pikin horse. "
16 Jesus he disciples them no been understand all the thing then way them be the 46 pass. But time way Jesus been wake-up for die, na that time way them be understand say Jesus na for true, true God He pikin way, God He book be the talk.
17 Some people way them been be day and them been see as way Jesus wake-up Lazarus for die, them begin the tell the other people them.
18 And plenty people them been came for see Jesus because say them never see person way get power for wake-up man from die.
19 The Pharisee them talk for them self, self say," He go hard for kill this man, see how all the people them like he and them the follow Him for all place."



20 Some Greek people them too way them be came for chop big day, them too them want for try for see Jesus.
21 The Greek people them came for beg Philip, make Philip try help them for see Jesus. Philip he country na Bethsaida way he day inside Galilee. The Greek peopel them talk for Philip say, " Papa, we too want for see Jesus, we beg help we."
22 Philip go tell Andrew the thing way the Greek people them talk. Small time, Andrew and Philip them go tdl Jesus the thing way the Greek people them talk.
23 Jesus talk for them say, " The time dong reach way people them get for know say na me I be God He pikin.
24 Me I the tdl owner true, true say," If the corn way you plant, no rutting for ground, he no fit for grw and for bom plenty corn, he go remain thats all one small seed for corn. But if the small corn seed way you plant, rutting then the corn go grow and he go bom plenty corn them.
25 Any person way like he life, for this ground, no go get long life for heaven, but people them way them no mind for their life for this ground, them go get life way no go finish for heaven.
26 All people way them like me, them must follow me. Because say, any place way I go my pikin them get for be with me. And my Papa go bless all people them way them hear and follow the thing them way I the talk.



27 Small time Jesus begin the shake with fear. Jesus begin the prayer say, " My Papa, I know say I came for this ground na for die, but Papa help me .
28 Papa show your power make people them see." One time, one time all the people them hear some voice way he come-out from heaven way he talk say, " I dong already show my power, but I go show my power again."
29 Time way the people them hear God He voice them think say na voice for thunder. Other
people them talk say that voice na voice for Angel. _ —
30 Jesus talk for them say, " God He talk, for say make owner hear, and make owner know say he"me I be God He pikin." -—' ^ ^
31 Time way God go judge the world the came reach. And small time God go win Satan, way na he be papa for this ground.
32 Time way them go hang me up cross, Any person way he look me for up, I go draw the person for up with me.
33 Jesus talk this talk for tell the people them the kind die way He go die.
34 The people them ask Jesus say, " Moses he law teach we say. When that God He pikin came, he no go die. Why you the tell we now say, them go hang God He pikin for cross. Tell we for true, true, who be this God he pikin way you the tell we."
35 Jesus talk for them say, " Me I be the lamp for the world, but small time this lamp no go be here again. This lamp the shine for make say make owner waka see road. Person way the waka for place way lamp no day, that person no fit for see road.
36 Now way owner get lucky for get the lamp for here, make owner believe for the lamp way God send'am, because say, that one go make owner for be God he pikin them."



Time way Jesus been dong finish talk for them, Jesus go hide .
37 Jesus been do plenty wonder way the people them see. with their own eye, but them no believe say Jesus be pikin for God.
38 Even Prophet Isaiah been dong talk this one for long time say, " People them no fit believe, even if them see all the wonder them.
39 Them no fit believe because say Isaiah been dong talk again say,
40 " God lock them eye for say make them no see and God give them strong heart for say even if them see them no go believe.
41 Isaiah been see Jesus long long time even before Mary bom Jesus.
42 But for talk true, plenty people, even the big people them for church, them be believe for Jesus, but them no be show for all man say, them believe, because say them be the fear the Pharisee them.
43 This people them like other people them fine talk pass god He fine talk.



44 Jesus talk for up, for say make all people them hear, say, " All people way them believe for me, na for God them believe.
45 Because say, me and God na one person.
46 Me I be the lamp for this world, any person way believe for my name, go see road fine fine. The person no go ever waka inside dark place again.
47 If person hear the thing way I the talk, and he no believe, me I no go judge that person. Because say me I came na for help people, I no came for Judge any person.
48 But all people them way no believe for the thing way I came for talk, na the true way I the talk go judge them, no be me I go judge them.
49 All this thing them way I the tell owner, na the thing them way^Sod send me for came tell owner. '
50 Any person way follow God He talk go get life way no go ever finish. Na all the thing this way God send me make I tell owner."