Cameroon Pidgin Bible

by Rev. Dr. Ekoka A. Molindo


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Chapter 21


After all this thing them be dong pass, Jesus been the turn, turn, inside Galilee. Jesus no been want go for Judea, because say big people for Jew them been want for try kill He.
2 Time been dong near for that big day for Jew way them the call say "Feast of Tabernacle".
3 So Jesus he brother them talk for He say, " Go meet-up your disciple them for Judea, way plenty people them day^ that one go make all people them for see all the wonderful thing them way you the do.
4 If you the hide for here, how people them go manage know say you get all
this power. Go make you show yourself for people. If you think say na you be God He pikin,
go tell all people, no begin the hide for here.
5 For talk true, even Jesus He brother them no be belief say, Jesus na God He pikin.
6 Jesus turn then He talk for He brother them say, " My time for go for Judea never reach, but owner fit go any time.
7 People for Judea them like owner, but all people them no like me, because say, I the tell them the bad way them the do.
8 Jesus talk for He brother them say, " Make owner no worry for me, owner go chop big day for Judea, me I go came if my time dong correct.
9 After Jesus dong finish for talk, he brother them go for Judea, but Jesus no go no place. He remain inside Galilee.



10 After way Jesus he brother them been dong go for chop big day for Judea, then Jesus he self, self, go meet-up them. But Jesus no been want say make plenty people see He.
11 Jew people them begin the waka find Jesus inside that place way party been be. The Jew people them begin talk say, " Na for which side way this Jesus he day."
12 All people inside that party, the call only Jesus He name. Some people them talk say, Jesus na good man. Other one them talk say, He be lie man way the fool people them.
13 But the people them be the talk na softly, softly because say them no be want make the big people for Jews make them hear.
14 For the time way the party dong reach for middle, Jesus go for inside church, then He begin the preach for all people.
15 The kind talk way He talk and the way, way Jesus He preach, been make all the Jew teacher them for wonder. Them begin ask themself say, "Na for which side way you leam all this plenty book? and na for which college way you go way no person even see you.
16 Jesus he answer them talk say, " The thing way me I the talk na God tell me for tell ower,
no be my own talk for me self, self.
17 If for true true owner like God for owner heart, then owner go know say, na God .„, He talk way I the talk.
18 Two kind people them day, some people them the talk big, big talk for show say them know plenty thing, this one no good. But the good people them go talk na only jhe thing way God tell them for talk.
19 No be na Moses been give owner the law, way oner no the even follow; Which thing way
[ do way owner the want for kill me ? '"
20 The people them talk for Jesus say, " My friend you the sick for head, na who
/ou think say want for kill you ?
21, 22 Jesus talk for them say, " Why owner the the fool owner self say owner the follow
noses he law. Me I make person for well for Sabbath, owner talk say, I dong broke Moses He
aw. But owner the circumcise owner man pikin them for Sabbath day.
23 Why owner the vex with me because say I make person way the sick for well
'or Sabbath day. '4 Before owner want for judge person, make owner judge owner self first.



25 Some people them way them came from Jerusalem, begin the talk say, " No be the man
his way them be the try for kill. See how Jesus the talk for them and no man fit do He
26 He fit be say for true, true Jesus na God He pikin.
27 But Jeus no fit be God He pikin, because say we know He family. But if God He pikin
3ame He no go get family.
28 As Jesus be the preach for temple. He talk for up voice say, " Owner all know me and
I'wner know place way I came from. Na God self, self send me for owner, but I no think say
iwner even know God.
29 But me I know God because say I been be with Him and na him send me for owner."
30 The people them try for catch Jesus, but them no been fit because say Jesus He time no been
pug reach.
31 But plenty people them inside that Tempel be believe for Jesus. Them talk say, " This one i»st be na God He pikin, for true, true because na only God He pikin fit do all this wonder wy He the do."



32 The Pharisee people them hear the thing them way people them the talk about Jesus, say he ethe pikin for God. That one vex them. Them send church police them for catch Jesus.
33 Jesus talk for them say, owner no fit catch me now because say I never finish the thing 'ay my Papa send me for do. If I finish I go, go back for my Papa way He send me.
34 Owner go look me for all side but owner no go ever see me because say place way I the go Wner no go fit came for day.
35 The Jew them begin the talk for them self say, na for which side way Jesus
want for go way we no fit reach? If fit be say He want go for preach for Greek people the way
them scatter for all place.
36 Na which thing Jesus He mean dme way He talk say, owner go look me for all side, but owner no go see me, because say, place way I the go people no fit reach for day



37 That big day for Tabernacle been remain na only one day for finish, Jesus stand up and talk for strong voice say, " Any person way the hungry water make he came for me .
38 And make all people them way belief for my name make them drink. Even God he book talk say all people way them belief for God, them go get water way get life for inside them."
39 For this one Jesus been the talk na the spirit way people way them belief for Him go came get. The Because say for this time the Holy Spirit never came because Jesus never go meet-up he Papa for Heaven.



40 After the people them dong hear Jesus He talk, some people them talk say, for true, true, this man na the correct prophet.
41 Some other people them talk say " Jesus na God He true pikin.
42 But this one no be true , because God He book talk say, Messiah, that one mean say God He pikin, go came na from Chief David he family way day for Bethlehem"
43 Came see confusion. No person no know for true, true who Jesus be.
44 Some people them been even vex, them want catch Jesus lock he, but them no been fit even for touch he.



45 The Church Police way them be go for catch Jesus, them came back empty hand. The chief priest and the Pharisee way be send them say, " Why owner no bring Jesus ?"
46 The Police people answer them say, " We never hear this kind fine talk for we life. "
47 The Pharisee them talk for the police them say " How owner make say this Jesus manage fool owner too."
48 Owner fit tell we if some Pharisee and some Big People them for we church to dong belief for this Jesus ?
49 We way we know Moses he law no fit belief this man, but all this foolish people them all dong belief he. Bad luck go follow them all.
50 Nichodemus way he too been be na big man for church, and we know say, na he been go see Jesus for back back, how them fit bom person two time. Nichodemus ask them say,
51 " How owner the condemn person way owner never even Judge he case.
52 Jesus he country na Galilee. You too mister Nichodemus, Jesus na your country man ? Look inside God He book. Even God he book talk say no prophet no fit come-out inside Galilee. No fool your self. This man Jesus no be prophet. Jesus na nothing man like you and we.